Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let's be honest: this has been a kind of crappy summer.

Any of you reading this from my general stomping grounds, southwestern Ontario, Canada (on the map it would be the big fish's tail) might assume that I'm about to talk about the weather.  Despite the fact that we Canadians loooove complaining about the weather, I'm not going to.  I know, it's shocking.  I have actually appreciated the abnormal cool this year.  It's been a nice break.  I'm not going through three complete changes of clothes in a day because I sweat so much.  (How do ya like me now, eh?)  We haven't gone through as much electricity for fans and that window A/C unit.  I can sleep at night without having heat induced nightmares.  The Pug can breathe.  And besides, the stupid inflatable pool ended up at the dump last summer and we couldn't afford to replace it, so I'm relieved to not be hanging around moping about not being able to immerse myself in cold water on a hot day.

So it's not the weather.

It's everything else.

I keep typing stuff and deleting it.

I don't know what I want to say here.

Deep breath.  Copper did her first lesson since June and her leg didn't swell up.  So that's good.  Phoenix looks a lot more comfortable in that $1400 dollar Circle Y saddle than he did in the other seven saddles I dragged home on trial from the tack shop.  Or really, anything I've strapped onto his back since he got here seven years ago, although it's hard to tell because he's developed such a crappy attitude after being uncomfortable for all this time.  And I now have a real education in saddle fit after this crappy summer.  So that's… good?

More deleted stuff.

It's just been a drag.

I can pep talk myself until my eyeballs rattle but it doesn't change the facts.

There's more but I can't even write it because blecchhhhh it just sucks.


Brittany Lary said...

I'm sorry, Heidi. Sometimes the FUNK just comes and lingers a bit too long.

I can relate to your blog post because I've been in the same funk for a bit. And I appreciate your post.

jules said...

Hey, I thinks it is just good to see you back posting. You've been missed Heidi!

Paul Tee said...

Crappy is right, however, I rather have it cool than hot and sticky. As to the rest, Heidi hang in there.
And like Jules said, it's good to see you back.

Auntie said...

You have definitely been missed, Heidi. I have found from my own experience that one can’t rush through these crappy periods. It will take time but eventually the world will be a happier place and your creative urges will kick in and we will be reading your insightful and hilarious posts about ball gowns at some awards show. We can wait until then. There is no timetable here. Love you!

mugwump said...

Let's have a Blog Slog party. We will sit in your beautiful library with our backs to each other. We will each have a no-brainer, yet tasty book, a stoopid 'puter and one of these...http://www.toysrus.com/product/prodpop.jsp?LargeImageURL=/graphics/product_images/pTRU1-18906704enh-z6.jpg&displayTab=enh&productId=38059326&totCount=0. Any of these tools may or may not be used. No rules.

We can be quiet. Or not. Perky people will be asked to sit outside.