Thursday, March 27, 2014

WARNING: this post contains awards shows, parties, horse manure, complaining about the weather, depression, bitchy computers, alcohol and ridiculous high heeled shoes.  Where else are you going to find all that, except here, eh?

Tonight, I am getting on a plane with my husband and kids, and we're flying out to sunny Winnipeg Manitoba! Some of you may be wondering why the heck Winnipeg.  IT'S JUNO WEEKEND!

From what I hear these days, it's sunny out there, but it's cold.  We were in Winnipeg nine years ago and it was like that.  It's a nice city.  Some day I'd like to go there when it's not the ass end of Canadian winter, because until then I will never see it looking like this:

We here in Ontario have kind of been getting the prairie winter.  Oh, yeah, technically it's spring now, but I call BS on that because I've still got snowbanks up to my knees out here on the ol homestead and it's still several degrees below freezing and I'm worn out.  Worn out and worn down.  

I keep thinking I shouldn't complain, except that my dad, who is 71 years old, says he can't remember a winter this consistently cold, with this much snow, that started so early and has held on this long.

Also I know people who grew up on the prairies who've said that, yes, the winters are way colder out west, but Ontario winter is much crueler.  It's windy here, and wet cold, and makes you want to cry.

Well, I don't know about the crying part.  That was just me.  I want to cry.

Spring has a history of bumming me out, which sucks, because everybody else is leaping and grinning and chirping while I'm grinding my teeth and moping.  Shouldn't spring make me feel optimistic?  It does not.  It makes me feel like all that excrement out in the yard, melting into a stinking pile.

Last year for the first time in I-don't-even-know-how-long, I felt okay.  I could handle it.

This year?  Bleccchhhhhh.



They haven't gotten a whole lot of advantages from growing up in the music business, and they deserve some perks, right?

I got a $20 dress, I have crazy towering silver wedge heeled shoes -- they're so high I must be close to 5'6" in them!!!!!

I am not even going to lie... I will be graciously accepting the free drinks.

Not too much.  Just enough.

I mean.  Beer.  Right?

Anyways, my phone gadget and computer have decided they are two girls in grade 7 and are not speaking to each other.  Therefore, no blog updates.  However, I have Instagram!

Alright folks.  I'm leaving in 20 minutes.  Right after Selina folds laundry and Bucky and Jethro load the car and and I throw some feed at the horses.  I'M TOTALLY OKAY HERE, PEOPLE.  


Auntie said...

Great news, Heidi. I'm so happy to hear that you're all heading to the Junos this year. Apparently, BTO is getting an award. Yay for aging rockers! Anyhow, I look forward to the official report. Have a great time!

Paul Tee said...

I absolutely insist on reserving a front row seat at your blog for the much anticipated 2014 Juno Review. Please with clear view of the red carpet.
In order to avoid spoilers, I will NOT (1) watch the Junos on TV, (2) avoid reading the Entertainment Daily, (3) or even peek at Wikileaks.
Have fun all four of you. It's fabulous that you are taking the kids along.

Anonymous said...

Ontario can't be any worse than Michigan right now. "They" predicted that yesterday would break the cold spell, I looked forward to it for over a week, planned to groom some horses and start spring cleaning in the barn. We got a blizzard. Did you?. Have fun in Manitoba, I hope you get some sunshine and enjoy the Junos.

Heidi the Hick said...

Sunday morning update -
Best Junos ever? Four of the projects John worked on win last night! Our clients feel like more than work relationships and it's the most wonderful feeling when they win awards. It's a blessing. And having our kids here with us makes it even sweeter! Now they know what mommy and daddy do at "work" haha!

As far as I know things are going well back at the ol homestead. I hve decided not to fret about it, knowing everybody's in good hands.

Today we rest up, recover from a late night, and get ready for The Big Show.

Pictures are up on Instagram, and I'll work on getting them here when I'm back home!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh - the weather - sunny and cold, just as predicted!

The ridiculous shoes - actually not too bad! It was fun being chin level with normal people! And my feet aren't killing me so that's good.

Heidi Willis said...

I was gone last week and missed this!!

JUNO!!!! I am SO glad you went!! I hope it was fabulous! Sounds like you all came away winners... at least by proxy. :)

Off to check the instagram. I think I know what that is. ;)

(and btw - I HATE spring! Mud! Allergies! Mud! Yuck! I vote we skip it and just head into summer. Quickly!)

Heidi the Hick said...

I feel sorry for Winnipeg, hosting this shindig on an unusually frigid spring.

But yeah since spring generally stinks maybe we should stop movin it around Canada and take it to the tropics. We can't really afford to travel all over Canada... At least at the equator we'd need less clothing...