Saturday, May 19, 2012

AWWWW! She's just so cute.

Our tiny Appaloosa mare is eleven years old, and we still think of her as "the baby." 

We have had her since she was a gawky little yearling, I was the first person on her back, and my kids have grown up with her.  

Well... they grew up... she got to 14hh, just tall enough to be eligible for registration as an Appaloosa horse.  All 900 lbs of her.  

I am not good at judging a horse's conformation, especially any of mine.  I am too love blind.  I know Copper has a biggish head, which is funny because she wears the small size halter, but other than that, I look at her every day and melt.  I love her short, muscular body, her teacup sized hooves, her little brown ears.

The last couple years have been hard.  Some health issues took her out of work; what horse wants to have her cinch tightened, or even have a saddle on her back, if her belly hurts? We've got her all healed up, and I'm slowly getting her back. Not being ridden means not getting as much attention, which is not good for a horse.  And I've missed her!  She's a neat little horse to ride.  And she's the only one I don't use a step ladder to mount up!

Here she is wearing a saddle again.  Looks pretty okay with the whole thing eh? Nothing new here, it's been done.  

No problem.  

Y'know, she kind of reminds me of a little donkey in this picture.  In a very cute way.  

I treat her like a horse, not a puppy or a kitten.  That's how it has to be.  


Oh my gosh, that pink muzzle!


mugwump said...

Sometimes I find myself looking at my horses and smiling. Big, sappy, goofy smiling mind you, not the curt,cool trainerly Clint Eastwood kind of grin I'd like to think was there.

Laura Crum said...

My little palomino plug is nothing fancy, but I smile every time I look at him. I know just what you mean.

Anonymous said...

She's a cutie, I just want to hug her and kiss her. I also love to just watch my big gelding. I love the way he looks at this time of year, so slick and shiny.

Laura said...

She is a cutie - her colouring is the same as my old guy that I miss alot. There is just something about horses that makes us smile - I just go with it. :-)

Heidi Willis said...

She is just gorgeous. What a love you've gotten to enjoy! And your pictures are just beautiful!

Paul Tee said...

Ever think of what horses think of us?

"I don't know, two legs just don't seem enough to me. You'd think they would fall over or something. No tails either. How do they shoo away pesky flies? And I never see them chow down on some hay or on delicious clover. I tell you something is definitely wrong with them.

"I really don't know why we let them hitch a ride on us."