Tuesday, January 03, 2012

WHAT?! 2012? Now I gotta make new file folders. Pfft.

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I went to file a chunk of receipts I dug out of Jethro's wallet and realized that it's not December anymore.  It's not 2011 anymore.  Darnit, I just stopped writing 2010 about six months ago.  Grumble grumble paperwork year end grumble mumble.  Geez when did I become a curmudgeon????

Oh, I know.  About a week ago, when I turned forty-ONE.

So I'll be over here in the corner, stacking paper, shredding stuff from the seven-years-ago folders, rearranging the filing cabinet.  Well, cabinets.  There are two.  Why, why, why, did we decide both of us need to be self employed?

Oh, I know.  Because we are both almost incapable of following orders from other people and therefore poor candidates for traditional employment.

Wow, I just answered two of my own questions in a row.  Hey, maybe I'll start getting smart this year!  Yay!

Coming up: The Hick Chic Best and Worst of 2011.  Also known as the Annual Hick Chic Awards.

Worth waiting for.

(Where's my friggen letter opener?)

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jules said...

Happy New Year Heidi!