Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I conquered NYC and when I came home I saw the stars in the black sky and knew I was home again.

I couldn't see stars there.  It was that weird kind of dark where there's no sun shining, but everything's lit up so bright the sky is dull orange.

I liked it a whole lot more than I expected to, and felt a lot safer than I imagined I could.


(dig smiling photo-bomb guy back there eh?)

I planned on blogging this whole adventure, but man, it is impossible to blog while walking around in SoHo.  Or, hurtling down 5th Avenue in a cab driven by a dude with no concept of potential death.

I couldn't blog while hearing about algorithm equalization filter loudness calibration nonlinear feedback loop transducer...amplifier...loudspeaker...

Hey those are all actual terms I picked randomly out of the schedule.  I can't make that stuff up.

Jethro achieved his goal of getting all these guys wound up about his ideas (his presentation was flawless! and his Q&A went overtime) and he made all kinds of nice little friends from Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and other places with wonderful accents.

Then we proceeded to stomp all over Manhattan, as much as possible for a guy with incredibly sore feet from standing around for three days.  We tend to be hardcore about these things: I'm here, I'm going to pig out on this place and then get the heck back out again.  We try to do way too much in a day.

 I loved our little 200 square foot "cabin" at the Yotel.  Couldn't live like that, with all the slickness and modernity, but was it ever fun to have as a home base!

So because I wanted to blog the whole thing and didn't, I think I'll just say heck with it and write a little book about it.  Heck why not.  I'll get at it when I'm done catching up on laundry!

Seriously, laundry piles and manure piles and the whole mess... it was great to go away, but it's really good to be back.  I knew I was home when I stepped out of the car at midnight and looked up.
"Hey, stars!  I missed you when I was in the big city!"


Monty's Mom said...

Love how you look a little green in the hoodie. We'll have to get together to review our trips. See you soon, Les

Auntie said...

Welcome home, Heidi ... I have enjoyed the blogs before, during and after NYC. My favourite line was about the cab driven by a dude with no concept of potential death! Yikes. I'm glad but not surprised to hear that Jethro's presentation, etc. went well. Way to go!!

Noah said...
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Heidi the Hick said...

That's my Kermit THE Frog hoodie.

I felt slightly green when I was in Times Square! (See you soon)

Oh my Auntie, seriously those guys are nuts. We only saw one accident in five days which is kind of impressive considering how fast the cabbies drive!