Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obviously I like stuff Absorbine makes.

When Annyong and I cleaned up the tack room last week we realized I have a bit of a ShowSheen habit.

I guess I could quit if I wanted to.  But I don't want to.

I love that stuff.  I squirt it into manes and tails to keep the burrs out (for those times I don't cut the burdock down in time) and to lube out those snarls and tangles.  

I loooove running my hands through a nice clean smooth mane.  

I don't even show horses anymore but I still like them to be clean and tangle-free.  The thing is, two of my horses are Appaloosa, a breed famous for sparse tail hair.  I got lucky with mine.  Phoenix actually has a gorgeous tail for any breed of horse!  And I plan to keep it that way.  I am fanatical about not breaking tail hairs.  

He got busy rubbing his mane this spring and I am not happy about that.  Oakie has a gorgeous thick red mane, but she rubbed it thin too in one spot.  (Not sure what the deal is with that but of course I blame myself for not giving them their early summer scrub-n-hose-down... what the heck do wild horses do with nobody to shower them and condition their manes into silky comfort?)

I mixed a little Absorbine liniment with some water and sponged that onto the spots that looked like they might be itchy.  I think the rubbing has stopped.  Yay!  That liniment is great stuff.  Put a dab of it on mosquito bites and the itch is gone!  Oh yeah and it's nice on sore muscles too.  Theirs, and sometimes mine.  My hands feel all tingly after I rub their legs down.  

And it smells wonderful.

Oh but wait there's more!  

They make this fly spray that smells like flowers and spices and all things pleasant!  It doesn't smell like poison - it's a miracle!!!  I don't feel like I've been chemically contaminated after spritzing it all over the horses!  This is pretty important, because they have to be fly-sprayed.  Partly because I hate seeing flies all over them - especially their faces - and also because all that distracted stomping and shaking off of flies does not make for a happy riding lesson.  

I know, it's like an Absorbine commercial here, but I wouldn't plug anything I didn't actually appreciate and use, so this is honest.  Maybe I should ask them to be the official grooming supplier of Hick Chic.  

Official Bottles of Things To Spray on Horses Supplier?

I think I could find more space in the tack room for more Bottles Of Stuff To Spray On Horses.  


RuckusButt said...

That fly spray is the best. It works about as well as any other and smells awesome (but not perfume-y). I'm not a huge fan of showsheen, there are other detanglers I like better but agree to loving the smell of liniment.

That is one organized shelf...it could use a few more bottles of stuff though ;)

Four Dinners said...

I thought of you today...I was cutting my father-in-laws hedge which backs onto a field and in the field were three beautiful horses - and as you're the only blogger I visit that mentions (mentions????)...;-) horses, I thought of you.

One is from Siberia - and, according to daddy-in-law, related to the 'original' horses. I have no idea but he was a class horse.

The second was a Shire. Massive and beautiful.

The third has us both stumped - I'll get a pic next week - Beautiful with an incredibly long mane that goes over her eyes and the 'bushiest' tail I've ever seen on a horse.


Some daft bloke in England thought of you today.

Sorry...I'll clear me mind!!

Just so yer know....;-)

4D x

Heidi the Hick said...

RuckusButt- Love that fly spray. I like things that smell good especially if it makes horses smell even better!

Four D - Your father in law lives in a place backing onto a horse field!? Lucky!

That's so thoughtful to come and tell me about them. I'd love to see a picture. Always good to hear from ya, daft bloke!