Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I think I've figured out how to survive summer.

Get on the horse before 9 am.  By 10 it's up to 34 Celsius (that's about 93 F)  so it's good to be well underway and thinking about wrapping it up.  I didn't actually get on Phoenix's back until after 10 this morning and holy smokes we were both dripping with sweat.  We weren't even working that hard.  (Okay we're both kinda flabby and out of shape but still!!)

Hose off the horse.  He just stands there while I spray water at him.  I don't have to tie him - just throw the rope over his neck.  The dirt and sweat wash off his back and he looks sooo relieved.

Get in the pool.  I'd advise peeling the sweaty clothes off first.  Oh, and then put on a bathing suit.  I mean, the farmhouse is pretty close to the road, I'm just saying.


...that pool has been a giant pain for the most part, what with all the leaking and emptying and patching, refilling and then patching again... but the leak is down to a slow trickle now!

I'm such a landlubber, I just splash around and dog paddle, but man that feels good.  I promised the kids we'd get a pool when we move out to the country, but I think now it's as much for me as it is for them!

Between dripping with sweat, two dips in the pool per day, and washing my hair every night before bed (it's really dusty in the corral where I ride) my hair is going to be wet all summer.

(Y'know, there are some really crappy parts of my life, but this right here, all of this, is pretty damn good.)


Four Dinners said...

1) Open a cold beer

2) Lie back and drink said cold beer.

3) Open another cold beer.

If horses are essential...watch someone (Hick Chic will do) ride a horse as you drink cold beer....;-)

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh beer! I forgot beer!

Best to do that after riding the horse though.

Ok so. Ride the horse, hose off the horse, go for a swim, enjoy a nice cold beer.

Got it !

Heidi Willis said...

LOL! I first read that as "pee your clothes off" and I was like, "WHAT?????"

Then I read it again more carefully and was very "relieved." :)

I can't believe it's getting that hot there, too! Aren't you up north??

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh honey. It was 35 degrees Celsius today. I think that's up around 95 Fahrenheit ?? But then there's humidex which means it FEELS LIKE 47 C.

We usually get a couple weeks like this every summer. When it's so hot you can hardly breathe outside. Apparently this isn't even record breaking. In 1948 it got up to 38C which would have been the summer my grandmother was pregnant with my mother. And they lived in a log house with no electricity. No wonder mom doesn't take the heat well!!

Anyways. I didn't do anything with the horses. They're already sweating just standing still.

(pee the clothes off!!! Yuck!!! Good thing you read that over twice or you'd be thinking we have weird ways up here eh?)