Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"He's been getting a reprieve from the heat, in the frozen food section..."


(this may be difficult if you aren't up on your Canucky music.)

Got a nice break from the horrible humidity and punishing heat.  Yeah, Florida, your turn!  Mwa ha ha ha!

Seriously the in-lawrs are in Florider for two weeks and it's hotter here than it is there.  It happens.  And then we get the same number on the negative side of the scale in winter.  And you know what?  THAT'S WHAT WE DO UP HERE IN CANADA.  We complain about the weather.  You thought hockey-ball or whatever it is was our national pastime?  Nope.  Complaining about the weather.

It was nice to ride Oakie this afternoon without both of us dripping in sweat.  The mares have not been breaking a sweat just from grazing.  Of course Phoenix is still as cool as a tranquilized cucumber.

Back into the deep fryer tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

oh ya!!! but today it's raining and it's not quite roasting my brain weather so it's all good. And now my grass will start growing again....so enjoy it while it lasts!!!