Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketchy internet and a blown rad = late Juno blog!!!

Between the parents and I there are three road worthy vehicles: Mom's car, my truck and my ol' man's van, which is a winter beater.

Dad's van has a little alternator problem.  He isn't fixing it because he wants to get his pickup ready and just drive it instead.  So he's off the road.

Mom's car as of yesterday has a little steering problem.  So she's off the road.

And this morning my pickup truck spewed antifreeze all over the lane just as I pulled into the yard.  So I'm off the road.


I spent six hours today between borrowing a car and renting a car, which I am not legally allowed to drive cuz I'm not Sally and only Sally and the ol' man are allowed to drive it, because I had that little accident last June and dammit I can't be added to her insurance policy meaning that the ol' man has to be the taxi service instead of getting his own truck ready, and even though it was a beautiful day and the horses could have used a good brushing and maybe even a ride, I was helping with this car thing because we need A VEHICLE. Just one.  At least. Then when I try to do my Juno blog post, the internet becomes intermittent net, and that is why you are not yet reading about the fun weekend and looking at my pictures.

Be patient.  I'm working on it!


Auntie said...

It will be worth the wait ... good luck with the vehicle fiasco!

Anonymous said...

cars suck.......nuff said

Heidi Willis said...

car troubles stink, even if you only have one down at a time. ALL of them??? Yuck!!

I'll wait patiently for the juno update. I know it'll be fab!

Anonymous said...

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