Monday, March 28, 2011


We're baaaack!

Our Low Stress Juno Weekend (Now With 100% More Of Our Kids) has been completed.


- Our teenagers hung around in a hotel room and did not trash it.

- We got to hang with a couple of people (engineers + wives) whom we really like but only see once a year at the Juno Awards!

- The kids got to do the RED CARPET THING!!!

- which was a surprise because we didn't exactly tell them.  We got into this big ridiculous limo to drive around the block and oh gosh golly heck, look at this, it's a big ol' red carpet.


-really cheap vibe this year.  The dinner was lovely, but the parties were a little lacking compared to previous years.  (of course nothing can ever compare with St Johns NFLD because it was awesome)

-no seriously.  Afterparties. Do not underestimate the power of the afterparty!  This is where the hardcore schmoozing takes place.  This is where future projects are conceived!  This is where we all yell over the music and the noise of other people yelling and we get to meet other people who can't figure out who the heck all these other people are!

-NOT ENOUGH SWAG. You know the music biz is in the toilet when the sponsors no longer cough up little things for the goody bags.  I'm bummed out because I totally look forward to the free shampoo and stuff every year!  I mean, it costs us a lot to do this event.  I want the freebies!

-speaking of freebies, holy crap people, if you love music please value it enough to pay for it!  There were not a whole lot of millionaires in the room.  There aren't even a lot of thousandaires.  You'd be shocked at how rich your favourite Canadian artists are not.

-This is officially now our six word music industry mantra.


So, yeah.

-Sadly, the kids didn't get to meet Hedley.  And I had a note to them from my daughter written on my arm and everything.


- Our daughter and son are so much fun to hang around with!  I mean, we knew that already, but it's just so cool!

- No air travel!

- We scored a nice hotel and Jethro managed to bully them into giving us a deal.  He's awesome.

- Hotel rooms are great because you don't have to clean up after yourself.

- Surrounded by music!


- Rock star meetings were extremely scarce this year.  I don't know where they were all hiding.  Maybe they are all afraid of me.

GOOD:    We took lots of pictures.

Which you will see when I catch up on sleep and dishes and laundry and horse grooming.



Paul Tee said...

Having a good time at the Junos is great, but giving your kids a unique adventure is priceless. They will remember the highlights long after you have forgotten them.

I watched the whole thing on TV and mined the event website for nuggets. Discovered the genius of Jayme Stone, whom I never heard of before. I'm looking forward to hearing your tale of Jethro and Heidi's excellent adventure, and of course, a look at tons of pictures. Did you see Arcade Fire among the shards of Broken Social Scene, and got down, Down with Webster? Did you? Well, did you?

Heidi the Hick said...

I got down with Webster.

No I didn't !!!!

Enjoyed their performance! Much more than I thought I would.

You are so right about giving the kids a unique experience. How much is that worth? You said it- priceless !!!

Pictures on their way...

Biddie said...

I saw the pics on facebook...some of them. KC and I stayed at the same hotel the weekend before! It was sooo nice! The kids look so happy in the pics..

Ayesha said...

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