Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dangit Avril! I was gonna wear that to the Junos!

First she steals my pink hair idea and now this.  Geez.

It's like she's spying on me or something.  If she ever starts wearing horse hair, we'll have proof!


Biddie said...

Ya know, we have some fancy shmancy dresses here..Nothing like Avril, but you can pull off anything :)

Paul Tee said...

For a long time I used to claim that the most exciting, gorgeous dress is a no-dress at all. But that's patently false. A dress, especially at any red carpet event, is an absolute necessity. It repackages the original packaging: it frames, adorns, flatters, accentuates, camouflages, hides and misdirects. It leads the eyes to the most advantageous features, away from the less well favoured. Half of a successful design is sheer exhibitionism, the other half is illusion. It also helps if the wearer can have a French or Italian to endorse it.

You know, I feel really sorry for these women, especially on Oscar night. They must be on the verge of madness, tottering between doubt and uncertainty, to commit or not to commit to a bold and daring design. Oh, the agony! The ecstasy! Put it on, paint the face with the colour of confidence, a hint of poise and a blush of grace.

Then walk the long walk, pretending to be at ease, with the cameras rolling and the whole world looking on. "Oh, this old thing? It's just something that Raoul threw together for me."

Not that men don't have to dress up. They do, but there is a limited scope of design and colour choice. Hell, James could easily change suits with Jeff backstage and no one would be the wiser. Which leaves the commentator only with a guess, brief or boxer?

That all said, my favourite was Natalie, classic, clean lines, with just a touch of flair and a lot of grace and a dazzling smile.

Heidi Willis said...

you'd wear it better. :)

jules said...

I say go for it! I think you'd look great! Who cares if she wore it? No one who would see you would even remember!