Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter and I might have to break up.

It's just too cold for me.

I claim the right to complain.

My nose is frozen.  Seriously - the snot is freezing inside my nose.

The horses actually want to come into the barn in the evening - and STAY there.  No more of the usual chewing down the grain and then gazing out the barn door, waiting to get out.  They sigh with contentment and spread the hay all over the clean shavings in the stall.

Cars don't want to start.  When they do start, the gear shift coldly and reluctantly moves into place.

My truck lost the ability to produce heat inside the cab a couple weeks ago.  Only today I have had the ability to pay to have it fixed.

The water tap in the barn froze.  I cannot even tell you how much I HATE that.

The Pug doesn't even want to go out.

The inside of the screen door is frozen.

I can't take this anymore, Winter.  I could stand it when it was just cold, but this is too much.  Once the temperature falls into the minus-double-digits I start feeling abused now and I won't stand for this abuse. I've often doubted our compatibility but I have just had enough of the cruelty.

Thaw out my water tap before you leave.

Don't let the gate hit you in the ass on your way out.

(And let the Winnipeg people go too, you polygamist torturer! Seriously, they are so much nicer and easy-going than us Ontarians.  Minus 50????  You are cruel - no, sadistic!  Stop this now!)

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Biddie said...

Gah..I am so ready for summer. I woke up yesterday and couldn't have a shower cuz the pipes were frozen.
I am so over this!