Friday, January 21, 2011

I am gross because of the title I was thinking of writing.

My daughter wrote that title for me.

She won't allow me to put up my original title.

She has better taste than me.

And she's smarter.

She uses words like HYPOTHETICAL and SEGUE ( not "segway") in everyday conversation.

No Johnny Photos today, just because I totally Depped out this week and he deserves a break.  Man, I love when The Famous dress up and try to act civilized.

In other news: did you know that horses survived thousands of years by themselves, with no barns, no blankets to wear, no nice green hay to chew on all winter, no clean water in buckets?  Also: snow sits on top of the fuzzy puffed up winter hair and actually insulates their bodies.  Humans see snow on horses and feel cold.

My toes are cold.

This house is old.

You have been told.

(wooooah you jus' got tooooooow'd  that's how it would be said if you were a gangsta.  Or something. From Annyong.)

My kid is the least gangsta person I know.  And that's the way I like it!

Dude.  I'm reading LIFE by Keith Richards.  That guy should be dead! He's got more lives than a cat!

My cat is insane.  No really.  She's nuts.  She turns her head sideways and twitches.  You can smell the faulty wiring smoldering between her ears. Craaaaazeeeee.  Spooks at her own shadow.  Buzzzzzz.  She can be all sweet and cute, but then it's like a breaker gets flipped and she spazzes out... then ends up on the other side of the room with huge pupils, looking like she can't figure out how she got there.  Yep, we named her Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  LSD.  Hmmm.

It's Friday, it's cold outside, and my brain is scrambled.  HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!


Anonymous said...

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Biddie said...

Cats are weird like that. You should see Raj bounce around the house. Bug eyed and wild like. She makes me laugh daily. :)
How is the laundy sitch coming a long???

Heidi Willis said...

you are wacky, and I love you like that!

I spent last night and today watching the Pirates trilogy with the kids...and I thought of you.

Ahhhh Johnny...

annyong said...

I also use the words "usurp" and "plethora" on a regular basis, you forgot those.

On another unrelated topic: "you only told me to look both ways, not comprehend the traffic!!" HAHAHAHAHA