Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Cat is CRAZY

Lucy The Feral House-cat is not quite right in the head.

She lived in this house for like, a year before she discovered that the water jug has BUBBLES IN IT!

Since then, her life has been consumed by those evil bubbles.  She's gonna get them some day, even if it means she has to get right in there between the water cooler and the wall.  Maybe she'll climb into the jug through the taps.

Sure she looks all cute.  And furry and soft and cute. 



But then...

You notice the One Eyed TWITCH.

Do NOT touch this cat when her eye is twitching.  

(Unless you didn't need that hand.)  

Within seconds of shredding you, she's suddenly all, "I'm so cute.  Oh look, a bug."

Did I mention that this cat caught a BAT? You know, flying mammal?  Flies all zigzaggy not straight like a bird?  Yeah.  One of those.  She caught it.

She can ignore you, while drawing you in... it's a real skill.  It's like flirting by excluding.

"Oh, I'm not noticing you.  But you notice me!"

"I'll just be over here sleeping adorably."

But.  With no warning, she'll be gone.  All that's left will be the frying smell of shorted out wiring and a few fluffs of tabby fur.

What is going on in that little head?

Maybe I don't want to know.

She's got me wrapped around her little needle-sharp claws.  Darnit.


pseudosu said...

Cutest cat ever! (Luckily my cats cannot read, or navigate to your blog.)

jules said...

Cats will do that, man. I had one that would be all cutsie, then bite the crap out you the next second and tear away around the house.

Heidi Willis said...

That makes me want a cat, even if I sneeze my head off hugging it!!

Great pictures. And aren't all cats just the littlest bit cuckoo??