Monday, December 20, 2010

I turn 40 in five days! WE PARTY NOW!!!!

Yep, I am about to hit the big 4-0

It matters not how I feel about this milestone... 

...I'm turning 40!  

And I'm throwing a big imaginary birthday party for meeeeeee!

So git in here!  I painted my front door bright blue and hung up a nice festive wreath what with my birthday coinciding with Christmas and all!

Oh yeah, I did some intense decorating.  I even got rid of all the cobwebs in the ceiling corners.  

Now that you're in the door, let me put a glass of Blog Nog in your hand!

I've got Regular and Extra!

Even those who don't like egg nog in real life are crazy about my Blog Nog.  It has no calories!  It has no nothing, just fun!

Just in case you're fake-hungry, I am prepared.

Little chippy dippy things... yeah I don't know what they are.  We'll just pretend they're tasty.

We've got twisty bread kind of things.

Some kind of cheese thing.  

I've always busted out the Tiny Cheeseburgers, and while I still believe they are very cute and likely tasty as well, it has come to my attention that they are now being called "Sliders."  I find this very unappetizing.  It makes me think of gulping them down whole.  What are we, pugs?  (And wasn't there a TV show from the past starring Jerry McConnell called Sliders?  Help me out here.  Biddie?  Anybody? Discuss!)

So none of those. Instead, Tiny Sammiches!

Tell me if they're good, okay?  

And also, because even in Blog World I like to be healthy, some veggies and dip!

What?  You don't like veggies?

Oh come on!  Work with me here.  (We're imagining, geddit?)

Okay, fine, have some pigs-in-a-blanket.

Wash it down with this!

Or this, if you insist on being all phosisticated.

Or the other kind.

Some people just can't go along cheerfully?

No problem.  I got the good stuff too!

Best of all, being purtend, everybody can make it home safely!






I think I sorted this out at 30, actually.  

I'm okay.  

(I cheated anyways... that picture above was taken when I was 37ish.)

I feel more like this now.


Question - does life really begin at 40?  Discuss.


Somebody here must know how to play piano, am I right?  Bust out some songs, people.  

Yeah, now we're talkin'!  Boom box baby!  

Of course, the party always ends up in the kitchen.

You might find me in my new attic library though.  

Maybe later we can go play in the snow!

I asked for a pygmy goat for my birthday last year.  One of Jethro's clients thought that was the craziest thing he'd ever heard.  But why wouldn't I want a little goat?  

Look how cute she is!!!

She can't sleep on my bed though.  The Pug and the cat are already there, and Jethro takes up a bit of room too.  sigh.  I guess I can ask for a cute little goat for my 41st birthday, right?

Hey.  Check it out.  I made it to 40.  

Any more Christmas babies out there?

How about The Gorgeous And Talented Amazing Annie Lennox?

And of course, even though he probably wasn't born on Christmas day at all... and most likely did not look European and saintly...

I just like him so I'll include him.

Name some more?  

Pretend to eat drink and be merry?  Sing me happy birthday?  Give me an imaginary critter to add to my collection?  Party like a rock star?

Meet in the comments section!


jules said...

Happy Happy Birthday Heidi!

I'll take the little sammies, and some wine please. Oh, I brought our special fruitcake too (actually it's really called lemon pecan cake)!

I think getting to 40 is a real accomplishment, and the start of some really, really, good years!

I hope you get everything you want, get to do whatever you want, and get to be right all day on your special day!

Glad to know you.

jules said...

Oh! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new attic library! And the decorations in the kitchen. Your parties are ALWAYS so fun and beautiful.

HB, Heidi!

Heidi the Hick said...

Thanks Jules ! I really like the idea if being right all day on my birthday...!

Glad ya like what I done with the place. Amazing what some paint will do eh? Haha!

Paul Tee said...

You mean it's not a pajama-birthday party? Really?

Oh, I'm soooo embarrassed.

No, the speedos came separately.

Where can I put the rice pudding I brought?

Where is your DJ? I brought a rare Electric Prunes album for your exclusive enjoyment.

Oh by the way, happy fortieth.

It's a good year. You can actually have deep, meaningful conversation with your kids.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah electric prunes and rice pudding! Whoo hoo! Guess what? We are all the DJ today.

I'm in my pajamas right now. They're pink with cowboy hats and boots and little dancing horses. And penguins. Of course.

Here's to 40!

Biddie said...

Crap, I nearly forgot. Happy Happy Birthday! Of course, your gift is here, waiting. The real one, not the virtual one.
I have all but ONE season of Sliders on dvd. I even got Kristy hooked. One the show, not the greasy sliders, although they are good too.
Maybe the weather is bad and some people are just late. Like you, and me, always late.
I hope that we can do real coffee with our real friend this week. I miss you and I have missed him. It has been too long.
Now, pass the blog nog. I need a drink.

Biddie said...

I just lost a very long and very intelligent, thought provoking comment.
Pretend that it is still here.

Biddie said...

Hellooooo..Nobody is talking to me. Did I wear the wrong thing? (I thought that Mumu's were in)
Ok, well, I'll just be over here then....

CindyDianne said...

OMGOSH Heidi! I love the color you chose for the door. And the food! WOW! Just.. WOW~

You do throw a hell of a party, Birthday Girl. 40, huh? Well, they say 40 is the new 20. Of course, they also say dark brown is the new black. I don't think anything replaces black, so I don't put too much stock in what "they" say.

But, I've been 40 one whole year and 8 days now and I can tell you one thing... it doesn't feel a bit different!

I brought you some peanut butter, chocolate pie! Also, some carhart overalls that are perfectly proportioned for little women like you!

I bet its time for you to start wearing them up there.

Heidi Willis said...

Oh oh!! I'm so late!! How did the day get away from me??

Happy happy birthday!!! The 40th is a GREAT YEAR (speaking as your older friend). Even your blog home is getting better looking! The lighting, the beautiful decorations, the food... splendiforous!!

And I was SOOOOO craving egg nog today! You think Johnny would mind if I put a bit of his rum in it? :)

Well, I clearly missed the PJ/Mumu fashion memo.... I think I might sneak out to find my fleecy warm snowflake jammies and curl up in that amazing library. Before Kerri steals all the alcohol and locks me out. :)

Hope your new decade is a FABULOUS one!!!

Heidi the Hick said...

Sorry guys... Spilled run on my jammies. Gotta change. Be right back!

CindyDianne said...

I've drained my glass! I'm almost out of Tito's. How's a girl to make screwdrivers without vodka?

Biddie said...

No booze for me...I am the designated blogger!

Heidi the Hick said...

Cindy I got my carhartt going on! Whoooo!

Here's your imaginary vodka.

Bid we are watching that fir our Christmas get together. Finally. I won't think I imagined that darn show.

Heidi! Nice jammies!!

Who's joining me outside to watch the winter solstice lunar eclipse????

dilling said...

hey, i heard thru the grapevine there was some blahg nog available and some snacks.....been so busy at work that would really hit the spot. where should i put this goat down?

RuckusButt said...

Happy birthday Heidi! You've outdone yourself again this year. Love what you've done with the place..oh, blog nog? Yes, thank you. Mmm, that IS good. Glad I could make it but if Winehouse shows up this year I'm out of here ;)

Heidi the Hick said...

Haha!! Winehouse is busy this year. You're safe.

Have some more blog nog!

Hey!!!! A Goat!!!! Yay!

Oh my gosh I feel so blessed! Thaaaaanks!!!!!!!

raine said...


Jethro said...

Hey, where'd everybody go? Are we allowed to smoke cigars in here?

Love the post-unibrow-waxing picture, juxtaposed with the extreme pug closeup...

Happy B-day and get well m'dear!!!

raine said...

Heidi!! CindyD! Dilling and Biddie! It's like old times. Happy birthday Heidi and clinky toasts all round. Heidi- love the food but I do miss the mini burgers, they were always my fave. Oh and 40? It's the new 25.

Paul Tee said...

Has any body seen my dog? A Boxer. I'm sure I came with him.

And whossies bloody elephant is following me around anyheew?

OMG! Who has my top? I can't go out this way!


Is 32% blood alcohol level OK to drive?

Will somebody please tell me which car I came with????

OH, I think my head is going to explode...

Paul Tee said...

No Sir, Officer. I hadn't had a drop. Not one.

Don't... never... touch the stuff... ever...

I'm my own desig... designated driver tonight.

Yiss. I wass at a parrtieee ... Happy Happy.

No, I don't know whosse elophant that is in the back

Is there something written on my face? Really?

Yes, I can spell Misso.. Missi ...sauga..

M...I...SSSH.. i...ss..i...p..i..

Paul Tee said...

Damn, I think I'm in Jail.

Dunno why.

Heidi can you bail me out?

Don't tell my wife...

Someone tell that elephant to move over and let me have a seat...

Great party though

Heidi the Hick said...

An elephant too? Awesome! I've always wanted one and never thought I could!!

Paul I found your dog. He's with the pug and the goat licking up the kitchen floor. He can stay.

What the heck were you consuming?!?!? That was some good imaginary vino!

Heidi the Hick said...

Raine!!! It's like a family reunion around here! I love it! Good to see you!

dilling said...

whoa...that was some potent nog. it helped, tho. really. got a good night's sleep and am ready for another crazy day at work...i can work with some bleary eyes. so.......the goat can stay, right?

Heidi the Hick said...

Aw jethro. You sweet guy. I will even let you smoke imaginary cigars. Just this once. Haha!

Heidi the Hick said...

Dilling I love the goat!

Here gave some extra blog nog before you head off to work. It'll give you that little boost!

I might still be here when you're done for the day !!

jules said...

Whoa! What a great party. Is it still going on? I think I had too much nog and fell asleep in the Library. Cozy.

That eclipse was awesome wasn't it? The moon turned RED.

Gosh, your parties are the BESTEST Heidi. Happy 40th.

(In our house, on your birthday, you get to be right all day, and do whatever you want!)

OMGosh, where'd the time go? Later chickie, got to get.

Paul Tee said...

Heidi: Could Jethro organize a benefit concert so I can make bail?

Thank God, the elephant is gone.

But if you have your goat, then whose goat is in my trunk?

Tell dilling I'm sorry for stepping on her toes.

Ouch, my head still hurts.

It was a smashing party though.

Heidi the Hick said...

Ah yeah, good times.

Paul you are the life and death of the party...!



whoo hoo!

pseudosu said...

Happy birthday you wonderful little hickchick! You're gonna like the 40's i think. It's not that everything is all ~solved~ and you're all wise and zen all the time, it's just more that you're kind of "eh... whatever" about all the weirdness. You just roll with it all a bit easier.
ps-- you look way younger. :)

Anonymous said...

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