Saturday, November 06, 2010

You know you're a success in this world when you have your own clothing line.

Bucky, my enterprising 14 year old son, announced this evening that he'd like to create his own clothing line.

At first I imagined a store full of solid coloured hoodies with metal zippers instead of plastic, and T shirts with smart-assy slogans on them, and jeans.  Maybe a few hats with flames on them.  You know, the Bucky Uniform.

But no.

He carefully spelled out for me the name of his new clothing line.


Yep, sound it out.

Well, I had to ask.

Will you be making a selection of, say, knapsacks and satchels?

Yes. And handbags.

Only they won't be called handbags.  They'll be known as... geddit?

Why am I so proud of this kid?  Yes people, this is what a few years in the Gifted Program will do!

Figures.  We're such a creative bunch around here.  Jethro thinks he should do clothes called GRABBY.  They'd be women's clothes with extra wide sleeves and pantlegs, allowing big mansized hands easier access. I countered by instantly creating a clothing concept called EVADE.  

But I think for sheer wittiness and goofy cleverness... BUCKY WINS.

See ya at the mall, kid.


RuckusButt said...

You do realize that tomorrow there will be a new clothing line, Düsh, announced, right?? Isn't that always the way?

I came up with an idea for a roomba-type thing but with mower blades for pastures and literally the next day I heard on CBC about some inventor who did just that. I also revolutionized horse blankets (in my own mind) with strips that allow the horses hair to stand, and therefore insulate, properly under the blanket. Sure enough, next flyer I get has a new blanket with essentially the same idea :-p One day...

Biddie said...

I would buy a bag. And carry it proudly.

Heidi Willis said...

too funny! :)

gotta love that gifted program...

Got Appies? said...

... i still don't get the funny... I've spent the last 5 minutes trying to sound it out, but I think I've missed the boat! :((

A Paperback Writer said...

As a 22-year veteran of teaching gifted and talented junior high kids, I am highly amused at the Düsh line idea. In fact, I think I'll share it with a few of my 9th grade gifted kids..... They'll like it; trust me.

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