Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turns out Jethro didn't accidentally elbow me in the face while we were sleeping. It's a sinus infection.

It really felt like I got hit in the nose.  I didn't have a cold or anything.  When the numbness in my nose crept up into my forehead I knew it was time to go visit the doctor.

I can't take anything for it because of Effexor.  So again I blame the drugs.

Now I'm shooting salt water up my nose three times a day which scares the crap outta me, I mean terrifies me, I'm talking huge panic because...


However I no longer have sharp pain in my forehead so that's good.  The swelling's gone down on the left side of my nose.  My face caverns don't feel quite so inflamed anymore.

Plus Jethro's off the hook for possibly doing something he didn't know he didn't do because he was asleep, so that's good too, right?

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Marni said...


Go look for a Netty Pot. It doesn't shoot water up your nose but runs through it. SOunds and feels weird but we really like it. You can breathe so much better.

Hope you feel better soon!