Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have I ever mentioned that I hate rodents?

I do.  I hate them.  I hate mice, I super-hate rats, and honestly, I'm not even completely comfortable around hamsters.

I hate mice.

I just hate them.

Little twitchy noses and icky tails and beady eyes.  Hate.  Burning, serious hate.

I love critters but I hate rodents.

That is all.  Good day.


Heidi the Hick said...

I like possums though, but I don't think they qualify as rodents.

I like raccoons even though they are relentless thieves. At least they thieve with style.

Also on the dislike list: Squirrels. (Crossing the road or not? MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Don't like squirrels.)

Paul Tee said...

Living on a farm I'm locked in constant battle with rodents, especially this time of year, summer passing and the creatures are looking for a place to winter in style and comfort.

Even with two cats in the house and a boxer that hunts bugs, the rodents become brazen in their exploitation of my habitat. At this time of year my traps are working overtime.

But the most critical battle is in the attic with raccoons vying for supremacy. The creatures are incredibly noisy and ferocious. I have done most everything I know and been told of. I peed in the corners, I installed speakers and piped in white noise, death metal, country... none of it worked. Set up a live trap outside on their route, baited with fish, meat scraps, carrots... but nothing worked as well as cabbage. That way I caught a few.

But ... I also caught my cats, couple squirrels, and once a skunk.

Anonymous said...

100000% agree with you. I loathe rodents, rats are the worst.