Monday, August 09, 2010

I am changing language part 1: The iGadget

You probably recognize this little device and say, "Oh yes, that's an iPhone. It's one of those freaky-deaky Mac things."

You would be right about that.  It is called an iPhone and it is freaky-deaky.  I have one because Jethro insisted.  Now I have to admit that I kind of like the thing.

But people, calling it a PHONE is ridiculous.  This thing is not just a phone.  It's a calculator and a camera and a music player and a calendar and a tiny video screen.  It does map things I don't even understand.  If I gave a crap about the stock market it would tell me all about that stuff too.

I can't call it a phone.  But of course because it's made by those Apple computer dudes it has to have a little i in front of it.  iEverything.

And that's why this thing is now called an iGadget.

So far I've converted Jethro and his engineer (that's Bubba to you) and I think my auntie says iGadget too now.  (Are you out there, Auntie D????)

This concludes today's lesson on how Heidi the Hick is changing the language.  You may now discuss.


Heidi Willis said...

I think igadget is the perfect name. Perhaps you should consult on a better name for the ipad as well.

I personally don't own an iphone because the phone part doesn't work where I live. Lovely AT&T. So I own a regular phone. And then I own an itouch, which is pretty much an igadget without the phone part. itouch just sounds weird though, so I rarely call it that. I may use your term. Can it be a crossover description?

Auntie said...

I am here, Heidi! I LOVE my iPhone even if I rarely use it as a phone. It's embarrassing how addicted one gets to be. I check e-mail and Facebook in the morning when I get up and then sneak into the washroom on the ground floor of my building to check everything again before I pick up my coffee. Then there is the lunch-time check ... and the waiting-for-the-bus check. Whatever gets us through the day! I never even had a cell phone until December of last year when I gave in and bought the iGadget.

RuckusButt said...

I've been referring to them as iGadgets ever since I first saw you use the term, many months ago!

Heidi the Hick said...

Yay! It's catching on!

Way to spread the word there, RuckusButt!

Hi to my Auntie!!!! You got yours just months after I got mine. Very habit forming, eh? I think it's funny that you know what my kids are doing through FB!

Heidi, Yes, you may call the itouch an igadget. For sure!! And man, I am seriously trying for find a new name for the ipad. I mean really. What the heck were they thinking??!!!

Paul Tee said...

Actually, whether you realize it or not, we have all been operating the oldest, most versatile iGadget ever.

Mine is called "iAM." Most times userfriendly (if treated right), cooperative, congenial, companionable, loaded with features and esoteric applications. It learns from its mistakes and is self-correcting. Responds to most voice commands.

It is most definitely a hands on thing, in fact, craves contact. Low maintenance is another one of its fine qualities.

On the down side, it doesn't take pictures, but does remember. It can't surf the Internet (without extra equipment), doesn't understand the markets, has no inbuilt GPS and consequently often gets lost.

However, it comes in an attractive package, is always on hand and rarely ever down.

What is yours called?