Friday, August 06, 2010

Get off the road and stay out of the parking lot!

We planned to take Annyong to the licence office today.  It didn't happen, but that just gives her another few days to read the book and study.

She has had a few drives around the farmyard and I'm pleased to say that she has not hit anything!  That's a pretty big accomplishment considering how big the truck is and how crowded the yard is.  We took her to the old school parking lot to practise shifting gears in the VW and yes, she can start off in first gear!

She knows what the signs mean, she knows what the speed limits are on most roads.  The speed limit on country roads confuses her though.  She was sure it was the same as the highways and it turns out her mother is a speed demon.  Poor kid.  What's the speed limit on gravel roads?  Oh... let's see... the speed at which a big cloud of dust follows the truck?

Sometimes it kinda freaks me out, in a cold sweat kind of way, that my first baby is thisclose to legally driving.

I need to find a bumper sticker saying "I BRAKE FOR UNICORNS!"


annyong said...

mom: What is the speed limit on country roads?
Annyong: uuuhhhhhh... a..hundreedd...??????
mom: WRONG! It's 80 kilometres/hour!
Annyong: Um, not when you drive...?
mom: heh heh, well, uh.. Don't--Don't drive like me.

Paul Tee said...

Advice: If a unicorn jumps out in front of you, you don't brake, you don't swerve or take any avoiding action (and thereby putting yourself, your car and passengers in danger of a perilous crash), but aim for the middle and tromp down on the accelerator. Try to hit the thing on the bottom of the bounce to avoid a rebound off your windshield.

However, if a John Deere gets in front of you, you brake HARD...

AND, specifically speaking, speed on gravel is inversely proportional to the backward acceleration imparted by your passing to self same gravel. Should the constituent aggregate be slower than you, you are not going fast enough, ergo, producing not enough dust. If it's faster than you, you're spinning your wheels, wasting gas.