Monday, May 10, 2010

The husband, the kids, the horses, the cat and the dog - ALL ON ONE PROPERTY!

Almost like a dream come true... almost!

I really didn't plan for our home in the country to be the exact same one my parents still live on.

But hey, it's a big house.  Other than that bathroom thing there's room for everybody.  Finding room for all of our stuff and crap and junk and treasures - that's turning out to be a challenge but I am determined to make it work.  I'm amazing myself with my resourcefulness when it comes to cramming objects into spaces.  I'm a purty good interior desecrator, y'know?

Getting moved out of our house in town was a ridiculously drawn out process.  Honestly, who takes like, nine months to move out?  It was hard physical work, especially since the two of our  moving days involved buckets of rain, and it was emotionally draining.

I said goodbye to the house room by room.  It doesn't feel like my home anymore.  Just a pretty house, ready for another family to make it their home.  Every time I said goodbye to a neighbour I told myself it isn't really goodbye.  It won't be.

Now if you'll excuse me, my life is still taped up in boxes, stacked in front of doorways, and I have to make a clear path across the dining room so my dad can get to his easy chair.  Also, at some point I really have to go remind my horses that they are not actually wild beasts living wild on two acres of empty prairie.  Silly horses.  Don't they know that wild horses never get a handful of grain in the evening and a kiss on the muzzle?

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Heidi Willis said...

So glad you are finally all together!!

A big step to the dream come true.