Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Get me some Imodium so I can go to work" and other quotes that'd make great titles for a blog post I don't have time to write

"No thanks, you drink the last beer... my belly isn't quite right today."

"Smells like barf and sulphurous farts in here."

"Good thing the bathroom's so close!"

"Call tomorrow's client and tell them I might have to reschedule..."

"I'm not very good with sick people but I'm good with laundry."

"I know it's not funny, but honestly honey, that was worthy of a Sepultura concert."

"Never had to do THIS beside the highway."

And finally, not a quote but worth sharing:

"Honey I'm sorry I thought you were a baby when you were sick."

"It's okay, you didn't call me a baby."

"No but I thought it."

yeah, and also?  Haven't gotten a big van and moved all the way out of our house yet.  Okay that's all goodnight.


Heidi Willis said...

Funny, in that oh, it probably was not funny at all at the time sort of way.

Glad you're doing better!

Heidi Yantzi said...

Yup, exactly!

Although we knew at the time we'd laugh about it later.

JKB said...




Lavender said...

J was saying that you guys are STILL going back and forth between houses. :(

I think it's really sweet that you dug up D's plants to take back to Stratford with you. <3

Curiosity & Joy said...

kevin's wife says, 'amen to big squirts..."

Biddie said...

Never had to do WHAT on the side of the highway...