Sunday, April 04, 2010

Destruction, Rebirth, and Easter

Is it possible to have new life without destruction first?

The old people pass on, new people are born.

The forest is burned but the ashes soon sprout new plants and trees.  Dormant seeds pop open and germinate in the cleansing rain.

I'm thinking a lot about flames and ashes, and rising out of the ashes, and the coincidence of a horse named Phoenix.  I think about blackened, warped steel and empty tombs.  

I have decided to avoid doing much thinking about the really heavy subjects during the month of April... it's my worst month.  While most people rejoice in green grass and daffodils, I wonder why I'm miserable.  I shouldn't think about the future, or make any crucial plans.  

I will just work.

I will fling scrap metal around, cart trash to the dump, pick bits of litter out of the ditches and the hayfield.  

I'll breathe in the smell of my horses.  

I'll write about it.

I'll be there for my loved ones.

We'll pick ourselves up and move on, because that's what we do.  That's what we've always done.  We'll rise out of the ashes.  

(Happy Easter... rise and shine.)


Biddie said...

Sounds like a good idea.
I like April. Today was gorgeous and I got to see my guy Ryder. He will be one next month, speaking of birth.
We had a great time with Shawn's family, we had a ton of food (despite being flat broke) and we are all together.
I hope that you are feeling better..I can come on out if you need me. Lynn will drive us,and she has even offered to pitch in.

Lol. How sweet is she??

Heidi Willis said...

so beautifully written. I thought about you yesterday. Praying for you and your family.

Four Dinners said...

My 'old people' won't pass on. My bloody mother's going to outlive me just to spite me!

I would push her downstairs but she lives in a single level house.

Damn it!