Friday, February 05, 2010

Yesterday in the barn when I was sweeping and moving stuff, I whacked my head on the old grain chute.

My forehead hit right there on that sharp corner of the handle!!!!

So I did what any insane person would do: stomped around swearing and cussing and feeling slightly woozy, getting that metallic taste in the mouth, blinking away the stars, pressing my hand on the bump rising out of my hairline and making grinding noises in my throat.

And I thought, I am very much going to blog about this.  

Later I asked my ol' man if we could possibly take that old grain chute away, since it's been about 25 years since we were feeding pigs in this barn.  I showed him the bump on my forehead and everything.  He figures we can just shove it up inside the grain bin and call it a day.

Oh, also, this is the second time in less than two weeks that I've whacked my head on this thing.  If I recall correctly, the steps were over a foot or so when I was a kid.  

Smell ya later, folks.  


lopinon4 said...

My God, I hate to laugh at your expense, my friend, but I needed that visual today!! I laughed until I had puddly eyes! The true source of my amusement is in being able to relate, however...this would be EXACTLY something that would happen to me. Or my horse.

Matter of fact, he walked right into the arena gate last night, all cuz he was so worried about whether or not his gf was coming behind him in a timely manner. I laughed at him, too!!

How big is that bump on your head today???? :)

CindyDianne said...

I think I heard your ears ringing all the way down here...

Four Dinners said...


Personally the safest place for me to land is on my head...;-)

Heidi the Hick said...

Actually the bump's gone down a bit... just a tiny bit. I can feel it though!

I didn't exactly muffle my noises. But really you'd think it wouldn't hurt so much, my head being constructed mostly of feathers...

Heck I had to laugh too. I mean, twice in less than two weeks? HOw long has that thing been there? Long enough for me to look out for it, right?

Sydney said...

Get some old blankets and packing tape and pad the sucker.

pseudosu said...

That thing def needed a noggin' guard! Where was band OSHA?

So glad you're okay, and that blogging occurred to you. :)

Paul Tee said...

My sympathies, Heidi.

In the late 70's, my wife and I spent 6 years in West Germany. For three years we lived in a 16th century timber frame hallhouse, with the stables in front and living quarters in the back. In the 1500's, people were short, maybe 5-4 to 5-6 (that was huge, then). It was OK downstairs but upstairs where we were, I could barely fit my 6-2 between the beams of the living room and heaven help me if I forgot, which I did from time to time, more often than not under the influence of fine Rhine wine.

But there was a particularly low door that connected the kitchen to the living room. I had to duck and pass through at the lowest point of my stride. Sometime I forgot I had a shoe on and skinned the top of my head.

I'm still prone to bump into things just above my eye level. OUCH!

Heidi Willis said...


Still - had to laugh that you were falling around in circles dizzy thinking, "I have to blog about this."

I think sometimes I blog just so I can have something good come out of something bad. :)

dilling said...