Monday, February 08, 2010

Why doesn't my brain work this well when I'm awake????

So I was dreaming about driving my dad's van.  I don't know why the van, because I have my truck.  It's legal to drive and everything.  I mean, it wasn't for a month because I couldn't afford to renew my plates, so I parked it, and now I think it's sounding kind of loud, and Bucky said he noticed the muffler hanging kind of low... since that truck EATS exhaust systems... mm, mufflers, yum... but I have a trip permit on it now so I can drive it for the next week or so... in real life.

But in dream world, I was in the ol' Safari Van.  It was exactly the same except it had been changed over to standard shift, and the shifter was a big long steel rod with a T handle at the end, which was up near my ear, like Rat Fink.  I had to reach way up to shift it.

So in other words, the usual.

I was pulling the stock trailer into town, to the fairgrounds, for a horse show.  I was thinking I'd just be there to help out, not compete.  Not ready to compete this year.  Again, like usual.

When I got there, I opened the trailer

and saw


because the horse trailer had no floor.


In the dream I was thinking things like, "Heck, I really gotta put a floor in this thing," and "Did I put horses in this trailer, or did I just drag it here for practice?" and "If I put horses in this trailer, did they fall out somewhere on the highway?"

Looks like I'll have to put "buy lumber for trailer floor" on the long term project list.


Four Dinners said...

So the horses were impersonating Fred Flintstone???? hahahaha...classic!!!

I can picture them now scuttling along in the horse box....soz...I'm sad....

I have lots of weird dreams but I'm not going there or I'll get arrested...;-)

Heidi the Hick said...

No, you got it- it would be horrifying in real life, but you know, cartoon physics, dream physics, it's pretty much the same, right?

And yeah, dude, I don't reveal all my dreams or I'd be carted off to the padded room.

Heidi Willis said...

You're dreams are awesome!