Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's awards show season and I cannot discuss scrap metal right now, ok?

You know that deal we have with awards shows?

I watch them, and then I post pictures with colour commentary, then you read it so you don't have to watch it yourself, right?  

I need to ask your opinion on something here.  I'm way behind.  I haven't even finished my Golden Globes commentary yet, I've totally missed the Grammys, and we're coming up on the Oscars.  I was really digging that Globes post, but it's really getting old.


I'm not allowed to write about the price of scrap metal, just in case my readership reacts and causes a huge shift in the price of scrap metal.  Imagine if all the hicks and rednecks and hoarders read my blog and all rushed out to cart that old rusting wreck behind the shed off to the scrapyard.  It would be huge.

So instead, I'm asking you if you'd still like to read about all my incredibly immature "golden globes" jokes.

Because I wouldn't write about the price of scrap metal when it could cause cataclysmic change.

Help me out here, folks, could ya?

Hey, thanks for the help here-- the Golden Globes post is up and ready!  


Four Dinners said...

Only if you incude pics of a scantily clad Jennifer Aniston.

mmmmmm....Jennifer Aniston....


pseudosu said...

I purposely avoided watching any award show just because I KNEW you'd be covering it for me.

Heidi the Hick said...

Just for that, 4D, there WILL be Aniston...


Two for two, that settles it. Anybody else?

jules said...

Yes Yes Yes! I LOVE your reviews!

jules said...

oh yeah, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the 'golden globes' dig. I got it.

RuckusButt said...

Yes, please! Though not if it's a huge pain in the butt for you to finish! I almost never watch awards shows and have really loved getting the low-down in a much more interesting, funny way through this blog!

Heidi Willis said...

It can never be too late to read your award show recaps!