Friday, February 19, 2010

$#%$ Internet!

It gets sketchy out here in the country.  We've got the iGadget rigged to the Mac White but it pooped out all day, which is why you didn't get a magnificent blog post today.  Tell you what: I'll work on a big patriotic thing full of big red maple leaves and medals and total rock star athletes- lots of 'em, not just the Canucky ones - and in the meantime here's a dose of Depp for you.

Here have another.

I'm feeling generous now that I have internet again.

I've been watching more TV than usual lately.

I've been watching crazy people throw themselves through the air and landing in the snow.

Have a good weekend, go play in the snow, don't try the stuff you see on TV and I'll seeya.


lopinon4 said...

I want a Mac!!!

Good to hear from ya, Heidi. Cyber hugs to you. (( ))

Four Dinners said...

Very much looking forward to his Mad Hatter over here....

Heidi Willis said...

Oh no! And I was just about to pull out my skis and climb on the roof and try to do a double corkscrew back flip 720. Does that mean I shouldn't do it? I think I have enough snow...

:) Good to see you and Johnny again. You Canucks are doing pretty good this year. :)

Biddie said...

Can you believe that we had nine medals this year, 4 GOLD?
Too bad about the hockey, but the Canucks played well.
The Mad Hatter scares the crap outta me, btw.

Heidi the Hick said...

What, NINE? Wow. I didn't watch for a day and look at that.

I'll probably have Mad Hatter nightmares after I see it but that's pretty normal for me, so what the heck.

Anybody see that commercial about the guy who tries ski jumping off his roof?

"It's just gravity."