Friday, February 26, 2010

An actor, a director, and an imaginary friend.

The publicity machine for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland is getting into high gear in preparation for the movie's release.  I personally am very excited about this.  Even if it wasn't involving Burton and Depp I'd still want to see it.  

These guys are so cool.  They seem to bring out the creativity in each other.  When they do interviews together they totally crack me up.  What a great team.

And this guy... how does he do this?  How can anybody be this good looking?  And, how can he look this good in such strange/ excellent combinations of clothing?  Everything he wears looks old, lived in, and really comfy.  I wonder if he and Brad shop at the same thrift store, and if so, can it be the one I buy my clothes at?  I think that would be right on.
If I remember correctly, I used to wear a plaid blazer like that in high school.  He looks dashing and different and casually comfortable.  I looked like a little kid wearing somebody else's coat.  

Yep, giving the big "Screw You" to the unspoken laws of formal wear.  That's our Johnny.

I have an new character in my head.  He's the hero, in his own messed up anti-hero way, of my new book.  

I don't often start a new story with anybody real taking on any of the character's roles. My imagination can invent entirely new people, so why picture an actor or relative or friend?  This time, my new imaginary friend has a few similarities with Favourite Actor here.  He's not a big tall guy, he's brown eyed and square jawed, and feels normal when wearing plaid.  His hair is usually messed up and some days he can't be bothered to shave.  

His name is Dale.  He drinks too much.  He's got a new job: help his elderly auntie clean up her crumbling old house.  Forty years worth of everything she's ever possessed... all there for him to get through.

He's quite perplexed about the whole thing.  This is what his life has come to: wading through piles of newspapers and old clothes.  Oh, and supposedly not getting drunk.  How did it go this way?

Poor guy.  He'll be busy for a looong time.

(Might make a good movie... I can dream...)

Happy weekend, folks.  


Heidi Willis said...

Just what I needed: a Johnny pick me up.

How can someone look so good in clothes so frumpy?? It totally doesn't work for me, and trust me, I've tried it.

I'm psyched about Dale. He's awesome.

Not sure about Alice. My kids are dying to see it, and I really love Johnny, but that story is trippy enough without Burton's hands in it.

Heidi the Hick said...

hahaha! So true! Burton can make subdivisions trippy, and now he's starting with something completely messed up to start with. Yow!

I'm really glad you like Dale. He's growing on me.

And as for the clothes thing - he's just always put together like he cares but not enough to get all fussy about it. He can wear Grandpa clothes and still look good.

Yeah I know, I wish I could look good in everything too!!

Paul Tee said...

So let me get this. You put Johnny into motion capture getup, in front of a blue screen, insert him into Dale's story, and overdraw him with Dale's skin? Has he even read the script?

Should there not be a larger casting call? George Clooney, sounds like a good possibility. He could pull together a team and get the job done in no time. Hell, even, Liam Niesson (he looks like he likes to drink) could do as much. I bet he would enjoy reading 40 year old newspaper columns and chuckle over them. I'm not so sure what he would do with auntie's collection of buttons and Sobey's coupons.

pseudosu said...

Did you see he's featured in an upcoming "48 hours"? There's some guy on death row he's advocating for I guess...

btw your new character sounds V interesting...

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh good, cuz if he's not interesting there's no point writing about him!

The only other actor I can picture here instead would be RDJ. I just see this guy as being dark eyed and rather intense. Clooney's too cool.

I dream though, you know that. I can't even think about the possibility of my book being turned into a movie!!

Although if we're going to do the mo-cap green screen thing, heck, let's paint 'em blue and sparkly while we're at it! They could collect dragon feathers and floaty jellyfish.

I think I need more sleep...

Heidi the Hick said...

And you kids leave those buttons alone, I'm keeping them for a project. Don't throw out my Sobey's coupons either! I can save two dollars on groceries if I take them in!

No- not that pile of newspapers. Gosh if I let you you'll just throw everything out!

Four Dinners said...

What about a chubby middle aged English drunk who's teaching people to drive safely?

No...perhaps not very believable...;-)

I think we're off to see it this coming weekend. Can't wait!!!