Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This indecision's bugging me.

Alright, which one of you knows what song this title's from?  I'm wondering if Mr F Dinners knows... Not that it matters because he's already a winner, far as I'm concerned!

Some of you might be aware of the weirdness that is my life these days.  I'm in my own house today, but it looks less like my house every time I'm here, as it empties of the objects that make it home.  Meanwhile my parental homestead gets to be more like home, as the kids and I settle into it.  My husband is sort of living a whole other life while we are out in the country.  This is all part of a very strange transitional time in our lives.  There are so many positive reasons for this move, no matter how much it often hurts to do it.

The impact of the transition is really hitting me.

I am ready willing and able to teach riding lessons, but apparently, people aren't looking out the windows at naked trees and morning frost and thinking, "Hey, I wanna learn to ride a horse!"  They're thinking, "Hey, I should see if that snowblower still runs."  I think this is a perfect time of year to ride. It's not freezing, and there are no bugs.  I think most people though, associate riding lessons with summer.  So even though I put up flyers with the phone number, I got no calls, I got no students.

Maybe it's better that way... I really want to get a truckload of sand into the corral first to improve the footing, but can't afford it yet.


It doesn't cost me anything to write.

And I have been writing.

Slowly.  It's very disjointed and choppy but that's okay.

The book I wrote years ago and have been improving ever since is still on my mind.

I think I know what to do with it.  I have narrowed down the next place to send it.  I want to give it one more intense read, just to catch any lingering mistakes, and then I will be ready again.

Hold my breath, close my eyes and give it a shove.

Or not.

Yes, I will.

Or maybe I'll keep working on the new project and send it around to agents.

NO, no I'll send my previous book.

Yeah that's what I'll do.

Unless I get distracted by something shiny first.


lopinon4 said...

I love having ADOS (Attention Deficit OOH SHINY!)...it makes us much more interesting to be around, Heidi, my cyber friend.

I agree with you on the fair-weather riders. Unfortunately for the horses, people would rather ride when it's hot and humid, bugs are everywhere, and water is hard to find. I prefer lessons NOW, when it's cool, the bugs are gone, my mounts seem to enjoy their jobs, and you don't have to find shade in order to sit down and take a break. But, what do I know?

On the up side, you will get many students. This is the kind of "field" that will require word of mouth. I know you said you have done your advertising, but do the local tack store employees know about you? Have you called the local 4H and FFA organizations? If you offer a discount for those groups (I do) you may find more people inquiring. Ugh, I don't know...try Craigslist! :) It will happen, and when it does, you'll wish you could slow it down some.

"If you don't want me, set me free"


CindyDianne said...

Should I stay or should I go?

I don't envy you the situation you are in right now. But, honestly, I think doing something is better than nothing. And THIS is definately something!

Four Dinners said...

R.I.P Joe Strummer

I always hoped The Clash would get back together. The other three were always up for it but not Joe.

Shame but I guess their legend is all the greater in a way.

My personal favourite is...er...favourites are...er..all of 'em...;-)

"Bank Robber" and "Armagideon Time" for no logical reason....

...and ta for makin me a winner. Don't often win owt x

Heidi Willis said...

So glad you are writing!!

Send the old one, finish the new one and send that too! Who says you have to just pick one??

and hey - don't listen to my whiny, depressive emails this week. It's been a funky few days and I'll bounce back. I don't hate publishing. Not entirely, anyway. :)

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

You may get more response after Christmas. I received riding lessons for Christmas one year when I was a teenager.

Heidi the Hick said...

See, this is why I blog! We're all in this together!

Lopin, we are interesting, for sure!

I've put up the flyers in the big local tack shop and a few other community bulletin boards in town, but have actually slowed down the advertising since then. I'm not very reliable these days, with getting the house fixed up etc. But I'm coming up with ideas. and spreading the word. And believing it will happen. Meanwhile hearing from people who have been through this is a big help!!


Cindy, perfectly put: doing something is better than doing nothing!!!

Ah 4D, so glad you stopped by, you musical knowledge vault and natty dresser!! You're always a winner in my books.

Heidi my dear, you've had a weird week and it's ok to be kinda blue. I know you'll bounce back. You will hear about it when I bounce back, I can tell you that for sure!


Rocky Mountain Yankee, bingo - I'm thinking of putting together a special riding lessons package. Great minds think alike maybe?


everybody sing along!

Biddie said...

You should try kijiji when you are finally settled. That site is incredible! I have made all of my grocery money in the past 6 weeks or so just by selling my crap there. Just sold my dishwasher a couple of days ago.
If you need us, Shawn and I will find a way to get there. Let me know :)

mugwump said...

This is totally practical mugwump here. When I got started with lessons I was willing to travel.
I would work with people at their houses.
I got word out by telling my horse buddies.
I got one, then two then three, all word of mouth from the first lesson I gave.
I charged mileage plus my lesson fee.
It wasn't great, but it got me going and a little at a time so I was able to ease into it.

Four Dinners said...

Never stop writing babe. You will get published you know.

Trust me I'm from Oldham

jules said...

Hey Heidi! Did you hear?! Our favorite guy got voted SEXIEST MAN OF THE YEAR! Again, that's twice. Whew. We always knew it. (Can we get a mid-week pic here now??? Pretty please?)

Transitions are always hard. You'll pull through. Just keep plugging along and one day, all at once, you'll be through and busier and happier than ever. Just hang in there.

Heidi the Hick said...

Bid, I bought something off Craigslist and Bucky sold a couple bikes there. Kijiji is pretty cool though, so I think I'll lurk there for awhile.

And all I want outta you is a nice dinner in your big dining room.

Mugwump, I was hoping you'd show up here! I am willing to travel. I took my flyer to a boarding barn where riders bring in their own coaches. The manager said he'd hang it up and we'll go from there. No calls yet, BUT it's only been two months and I haven't hit the other barns in the area yet.

It says on the flyer under my name, "Your horses or mine." Plus I'm telling everybody who asks that I'll go to them and teach on their own horses.

I know word gets around in the horse world so I'm getting it out there and waiting. I think there's something to be said about easing into it... like Lopin said, I might end up wishing it'd slow down!

Sir Dinners, I am counting on it!

Jules!! eeeeYESSSSSSS!


You darn well know I'm going to blog this. And I must drop by a store today. Ooooooo this is so exciting!!!

I can go on with life now. I feel so much better.

Paul Tee said...

See, I told you you had a JD virus, and now it has taken over the world.

Let me get my GI-issue helmet on, my flack jacket and hunker down in my bomb shelter before you all start celebrating.

What next? Will he run for the presidency, or will he be satisfied with California?

Kimber said...

This indecision me molesto!

Hey, you wrote a book! You rock! I am now even more impressed with you than I was before. Wow. Cool. Seriously...I am in awe.

JKB said...


It'll come. Patience, young grasshopper.


I have faith in you.

Heidi the Hick said...

I got the JDitis and I like it.

Yep, I wrote a book. It's shiny.

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