Friday, October 16, 2009

What the? What? What day is it? Where am I?

People, it's technically not even Friday anymore and I should be sleeping right now, but I've got a head full of paint fumes.  You should see Jethro - he's the one who did the nasty oil paint in the kitchen.  Me, I was downstairs with the tunes and the latex paint.  However, I was halfway around the room on the second coat when I realized that I was painting the damn room BEIGE.  Yeah it may say "Toasted Cashew" on the lid, but darnit, it's BEIGE.  Gah.  Oh what the heck, it was 13 bucks for a gallon.  We figured we couldn't go wrong.

Actually it looks pretty decent.

I mean, before it was BEIGE it was ivory.  Booooring.  The kids didn't care; that room was so covered in dents and scratches it was obviously a playroom.  You know what?  The more you type BEIGE the weirder it looks.

So I've been back and forth between two houses and regularly wake up in the dark totally unsure where I am.  This morning the radio went off at the crack of confused o'clock, playing the new Muse single, during which I had this amazingly detailed dream that I was hanging around in a highrise apartment building waiting for Jethro and decided to venture out into the city, which was entirely lit by neon and made up of buildings painted in bright colours to match the neon, and I was walking around the block singing, They will stop degrading us!  We will be victorious!  I was lurking around like a spy... wondering why I wasn't singing a Radiohead song instead, You know... I'm a creep, I don't belong here.

What was I talking about?


I'm too good at it, I mean it.  I did that whole room, two coats, with cheap paint, and it looks awesome.  But if I did this for a living I'd get fired because I'm too picky.  Just get it done.  Nope, gotta get all precious about it.

No not that kind of painting.  Hold still so I can squint at you.

But I think a nice picture would go well right about now.  No reason.  Just for fits and giggles.  What?

Every muscle in my body aches.  Tomorrow I have to paint the trim and then go outside (YES!) and trim some bushes and stuff.

Is it Friday?  It feels like Sunderday.

Alright I'm down to 4% battery, which means I'll have to tell you about ponies next week.  Ponies?  yeah, not unicorns.  The paint fumes are wearing off.  OOooooh the colours....

Spotted ponies?  Goodnight.  See ya.  Bye Johnny.

There's just no figuring out what people are going to like, is there?


Later, gator.


SkyBar Farm said...

I abhor painting, but after reading your post, I don't feel nearly as bad about it. :) Maybe I will get my kitchen painted finally. Love the Johnny pics!

Paul Tee said...

All sounds good, I'm be-mused.

"The paranoia is in bloom The PR
The transmission will resume...
...with all the green belts
wrapped around our minds
and endless red tape to keep the truth confined"

Yeah, girl, I'm singing with you. Stroke, counter stroke. Roll left, roll right. Really easy on those edges. Jeez, don't nick that JD poster. (Ta-ta-ta-dum) Notice all the colour references?

A shot of tequila, a teaspoon of salsa, makes good antidote for paint-fumes overdose.

Biddie said...

My hair looks like the 1st JD photo when I wake up. No kidding.
You really are wicked good at painting. Too bad you are painting BEIGE walls instead of a funky colour that with more personality. Like the lime green that the girls painted their bathroom.
Are you painting the whole house, or leaving some of the rooms as they are?
be sure to open a window every now and again. You'll see less unicorns and ponies that way :)

Four Dinners said...

Paint fumes and unicorns? Now that's what I call a paint job!

Heidi the Hick said...

Friggin oil paint...