Wednesday, October 07, 2009

People, I think we need a party.

There are so many reasons to throw a party right now.

Such as...

In real life, my house is full of boxes, packed, taped, half packed.  Drawers and cabinets are hanging open. Recycling boxes are overflowing.  It's ridiculous and upsetting and I'd like to pretend everything's all magazine-quality perfect right now.  Of course, when it comes to perfection, that's all my house will be: PRETENDING!

Man I love to pretend.  It's great.

More reasons to throw a party...

It's wet, cold and windy outside.  My least favourite.  A blog party could cheer us up.

I'm too poverty stricken to throw a real party but this is free.

I could get really friggin' bummed out about certain things in my life but I must choose to think about the blessings I have.  There really is so much to be thankful for.  Have to think positive, have to think positive!

It's Thanksgiving this weekend.  Virtual pumpkin pie anyone?

Oh- October is my blogiversary.  Four years!

And also Phoenix was born in October, nine years ago.  Aw, getting so grown up.

Party motives are now established.  All we need is a date and some participants.

Now, if I were to plan this thing in real life, I'd beg all party people to bring food, because I freak out whenever I have to do food planning, and also, the broke thing.  Imaginary food I can pretty much handle, but I still need some help here.



What I mean is, tell others about this and get the word out.  You're all invited to my Fourth Blogiversary Fall Cheer-up Horse Birthday Gratitude Party!

Aaaaand... let's do this on Friday.  OK?  OK!

I'll get busy finding some imaginary food and a nice pretend house with a fireplace.  It'll rock.  And none of us will have to do any cleaning before or after!

(Oh my gosh, I have a lot of work to...)

OK!  See you then!!!

(ps - coming up next week: horse stories, progress reports, and maybe something with actual thoughtful content.  I'll keep you guessing.)


lopinon4 said...

Let's see...I shall bring disco balls and a couple of black lights, maybe a lava lamp. I will prepare some peanut butter cookie sandwiches which include a peanut butter/cream cheese filling, AND I'll bring everyone a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries. To wash it down, I shall bring Crown Royal and some Sprite. Good enough? :)

Darcie said...
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Darcie said...

You really threw me with that Thanksgiving comment - in Canada I assume? I hope so 'cause I'm in the US and you made me think I'd somehow missed my own birthday...

Party - I'll bring a big batch of my famous chili. Guaranteed to please :)

pseudosu said...

I am in such a pig-out mood right now. Pretend pigging-out will be so much better for me! I'll be there!

Biddie said...

I could use a party. We aren't even celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. We are in between houses and we can't afford a turkey. We are going to wait until we are all moved and we can have it in our new house, make some memories there :)
Should I ask Shawn to bbq?

Heidi the Hick said...

Yes, Shawn should do an imaginary BBQ - I don't know why I didn't think of that! (In real life we'll just do a housewarming for you guys. I'll buy the no-name Kraft dinner and we'll make it rock.)

Pseudosue it would just not be right without you there to pretend pig out. I trust you, you'll bring the fun!

Darcie, yep, that would be Canadian Thanksgiving. So good news, you're not in a time warp! How hot's that chili? Actually it doesn't matter, cuz it's pretend, so I can eat fire and I'll be okay!

Lopin, awesome. I didn't even think of disco balls and lava lamps but that will for sure cheer us up.

So far, this is all coming together quite nicely!

Heidi Willis said...

Yay!!! Count me in!! Your blog parties are THE BEST!!

I'll bring a boom box and some tunes.

And maybe a warm blanket if we're sitting outside watching Shawn BBQ. :)

Olly said...

Well I've enjoyed your blog parties in the past, so count me in!!!!

JKB said...

I'll be there here and there...we're in a train heading to Dortmund on Friday!


But I'll pop in with some M&Ms

RuckusButt said...

I'll bring turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Yum. Oh, and lots of wine!

Paul Tee said...

Hey?? It's not a come-as-you-are party, is it?

I'm still wet.

jules said...

Disco balls!?! I have one of those so I'll bring it too. How about fruitcake for dessert? We make a really good one. I have tunes too, and maybe a homemade pumpkin pie, from fresh pumpkin.

This is shaping up nicely. Oh, and wine, I'll bring some!

Patches said...

Oh, I love your blog parties! They are great! Your house is always so beautiful and the food always so delicious! Sounds like plenty of great reasons to celebrate too!

Let's see...I'm always good for a pitcher (or three!) of margaritas! :)

Kerri said...

I have to work but will pop in with the Captain- ahoy maties!

Heidi the Hick said...

Ooh the captain, yaaaay! This is great. I gotta get busy here. My real house has been taking up so much time. Ihave to get my fake party ready!

Kimber said...

I am so totally bringing Prince CDs and my famous nacho dip. Rock on, Hick Chic, and here's to another 4 years!

lopinon4 said...

**kicks door with foot cuz her hand are full**

You never said what time it started. I'm here to help ya' set up and mix my first drink of the day! :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Almost ready!!!

hang on!!!!

Nicole said...

I'm showing up with cranberries and figs in honor of the Friday Soap Giveaway on my blog today. Thanksgiving is when in Canada?!


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