Friday, October 09, 2009


HI!  C'MON IN!!!

Oh my gosh, I've been slaving over a hot MacBook for two hours but I've finally got my party ready to go!  You'd think after four years of blogging I'd have this all figured out, but there's always something new to learn.  It's okay.  Blog parties are always easier than real parties.  And despite me having my feet up on boxes right now, my house looks awesome!

Just come right in through the kitchen here... take a daisy with you on your way.  Stick it in your hair, I'm going to.  Later we'll get some brown-eyed susies and sunflowers, we can shove them into our beltloops, hatbands, boot tops, we'll just be a bunch of raving flower children.  Flower season's almost over, and we are going to enjoy it, right?

But first, snack time.  You must be hungry... I know some of you have travelled great distances to be here!

I've got some of these nifty little sandwiches, with a whole bunch of stuff in 'em, like, um, let's see... apple slices, bacon... oh wait, they're all different.  The best part is, you can have as many as you want and not gain anything!

And you know by now that no blog party is complete without... TINY CHEESEBURGERS!

Good for any occasion!

While we're at it, and since this is an alternate universe where stuff like this is good for ya, try one of these bacon wrapped deep fried sausage on a stick with sticky sauce on it.  They're great because they appeal to almost every subculture.  Except vegetarians.

Oh, here you go.  Caramel apples.  Sweeeeeet.

Just remember, sugar has no effect here.  I will not hear the phrase "blood sugar level" because here in Hick Chic world, we have this magical unicorn dust which we sprinkle on all imaginary foods.  I know, it's amazing. 

I hear in October, it's customary to drink beer.  Like I need an excuse. 

Blog parties, yay!!!

Okay, since this is partly about Fall Cheer-up, we MUST go for a walk.  It appears to have stopped raining, so get on your boots and coat!

Of course you brought boots.  You know you always bring boots to my world!

My lavender crop is lovely this fall.  All the photographers from Country Home Living Life Beautiful magazine were very impressed.

And the colours!  You know what?  I love fall colours.  There's always that ripped-off feeling that summer is over, and the dread of winter coming up, but let's just focus on what fall gives us.

Stunning, isn't it?  We can stay out here as long as you like.

You know how here in imaginary blog world, where I throw great parties on my little unicorn ranch, and my house is always fan-freakin-tastic, we never run out of food?  Here's the thing... it has gotten kinda scary for the last while in the real world.  But we're here and we have not starved.  The check shows up in the mailbox just in time, we make a meal out of rice and leftovers and whatever we find in the freezer. I pray to be taken care of.  We have not starved.

I'm pretty darn thankful.  I thank God, I thank Mom, I thank clients who pay on time.

Not everybody in this world is so lucky.  The concept of "poverty" in Canada is much different than that in some parts of the world.

Well that was sobering.

Let's keep walking, and enjoy the scenery.

We can find beauty anywhere, it's just easier in some places, eh?

(Don't trip over my garden tools... I know, I should put them away.  I will.  Later.)

And while we're out here...

Let's say hi to the Birthday Boy!


Ya handsome fella!  Look at you, all clean and shiny for your picture!

He's 9 now.  I guess officially he has been considered to be 9 years old since January, but I've been told he was born in October.  I'm guessing he was a surprise.  Foals are generally born in the spring.  Oops.  He's got to be a tough little monster, surviving his first winter at two months old.  And look at him now.

All growed up and always ready for attention.

It's been two and a half years, and I am quite stuck on this big doofus.

C'mon over and give him a virtual scratch on the neck.  He loves it.

Ahhhh, after a horse cuddle I need a drink of water.

And here's the bathroom.

You're welcome.

Time to warm up.  I've got just the right spot.  A fireplace, books, a comfy chair and a blanket.
I know!  Who's ever gonna leave?!

So, yeah, I did a few changes in the library here.  There should be room for all my books now.

Well, I'm ready to get my feet up and do the old chat n snack.  What have you got with you there?  Man, I do love blog parties.

Happy fourth blogiverary to meeee

Happy ninth birthday to Pheeeeeee Nix

Happy cheer up to Yooooooooo

I'm so glad we're all here!

Party ON!


Heidi the Hick said...

Who's first to grab a snack? Do not be shy!

Biddie said...

I almost forgot about the party. See, I was up real late last night at this grad.
What time did you get home? I am so thankful that you were both there. See, that's what I am thankful for today. Great friends that never let me, or my kids down.
Ok, so enough of that. I am not a beer drinker, as you know, but how about a nice hot chocolate? We could always add a lil something to it to spice it up, the way that my Gran used to.
Maybe we can just settle down in the library and chat until the rest of the guests show?

Heidi the Hick said...

Good idea! Hot chocolate it is!

We got home about midnight. It wasn't a bad drive as far s traffic, just rainy.

I'm thankful we got to that grad last night!!!! I was so afraid we wouldn't be there. It's pretty boring to sit through for a few seconds of cheering, but WORTH IT.

I love that kid.

And you.

Bid, you need a little top up of that chot hocolate.

I'll poke the fire and see who shows up next!

Biddie said...

I know, it does tend to get boring when there are 300 kids and the same 5 win every award..BUT, like you said, so worth it!
This was a real struggle for KK, ya know.
Now, about that hot chcolate..Whatcha got to top it up? A wee bit of irish cream, maybe???

Patches said...

Fabulous party, as always! Those samiches are delish and that beer - YUM! Such a beautiful place you've got and the colors outside are wonderful! I love what you've done with the library! Inspirational! :)

Happy anniversary! Happy bday to Pheonix! Happy fall!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love a good party, especially when it involves horses and birthdays, and horses and giving thanks, and did I mention horses!!! Your house looks mar-vel-ous!!! And the food, well, it's a good thing it's free of all calories :0) Love the idea of celebrating all we are thankful for like a home to keep us warm and kids that give great hugs and prove more adaptable then we could imagine, and for our horses that bring us so much joy!!! Happy birthday to Phoenix! Happy blogiversary to you!!! Thanks for bringing us so much joy!!!

Jethro said...

Virtual sandwiches, virtual beer, hmmm... If I wasn't so cynical, I'd swear that was a business opportunity...!...

Hey B, very proud of K, and great to see you guys last night!! Sent you a video...

Party on, bloggers!

Heidi the Hick said...

Yay, Jethro showed up! Just like I begged him to!

(notice neither of us would be putting things in boxes at the moment...)

Man, we needed this party. We all need it.

Anybody bring any apple cider?

jules said...

No cider here, but I did bring the wine! Happy Blogiversary Heidi, Happy Birthday Phoenix, and Cheers everyone!!!!

Hey, I brought my disco ball and tunes. Anyone ready to dance yet? No? Ok, I'll be in the library when you're ready. Just give a holler.

Hey Jethro! Good to see you here.

Gosh Heidi, I LOVE what you've done with the house. You've really changed it up since last time you had a party. Love the sinks and LOVE LOVE LOVE the library!

Oh, and I love horses too. Can we go back out later and give them snacks too? They should be able to celebrate with us.

Ok, I'll be over here chillin'. Think I'll grab me some of those little sandwiches too, they look yummy!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey, pour me a glass please!

Glad you're liking the interior desecrating I've been doing. Y'know, gotta change it up every now and then. As long as I keep acquiring more books I'll have to keep adding onto that library...!

Let's take some apples out to the horses while the disco ball warms up!

Bunny said...

Wonderful party!
Love the apple/bacon sandwiches (yummm, bacon)!
Happy Blog-iversary Fall Cheer Up Horse Birthday Gratitude Party!
Now if you don't mind, I think I'll take another gander at your library - seems to be the popular spot!!

Anita said...

Hiya Heidi... Jules told me about your party so I thought I'd stop by... since I"m back in the blogging neighborhood these days :))
Fabulous food - and no calories!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey, is it ever good to see the two of you again!!!

Kerri said...

Poking my head in before calling it an evening. Though the party makes it tempting to skip sleeping =) *scuttles off to where? yup library with a bottle tucked under her shirt* Don't tell the husband and child where I am. *hiccup*

Heidi Willis said...

Oh Heidi! This is heavenly! You're place gets better looking each party!!

I came by early this morning and things were not quite ready so I snuck away. I'm getting ready for my son's party now, so I can't stay very long.

Okay - just a few more minutes. You know - I'm not much for sandwiches but those look divine!! I think I'll eat one and pack one for later. :)

The colors are gorgeous! I love how even when things are hard you find stuff to appreciate. You are one of the strongest people I know.

We should take walks in all that lavendar and talk more often.

I'm gonna run get ready for my stream of teenage boys, but I'll be back later. Save some beer for me...I might need it!

Erin Halm said...

These parties out in the sticks are always the best ones. Love the bacon wrapped sausages too. No vegetarians in Brazil. This is meat-eaters country. I brought my sleeping bag so I might camp out in front of the fireplace if you don´t mind. Oh and by the way, great library. I noticed that you have a copy of English as She is Spoke!

Heidi Willis said...

Hi Erin! How fun to see you! I brought a blanket too! Can I claim a space near the fire too?

I claim dibs on English as She is Spoke. Maybe Heidi can read a little out loud for us?

Can someone wrestle the bottle out of Kerri's hands? I'd like a swill myself, and she's hogging all the good library space!

RuckusButt said...

Hi guys, sorry I'm late. Just got back from the barn. Boy could I use a glass of wine and OH! what are these?? I'm starving...oh armph Mmm these are good! Heidi your house is amazing.

Heidi the Hick said...

Aw, thanks guys! Oh yeah, I have been really working at the ol' homestead here, planting things, and y'know, pruning things, and like, raking things. You know.

And also, just so ya know... THEY WILL NOT FIND YOU HERE, mwa ha ha ha ha! You can hole up in my library with a nice bottle any time!!

So just nudge Kerri and the dog out of the way and grab a spot by the fire.

A few more of whatever it is you're drinking and I'll stand on the table and read English As She Is Spoke out loud for everybody!!!

And Erin, I agree. Party out in the sticks - always the best!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh, one more thing:

Since so many of us are hunkering down by the fire, I now officially declare that


Or for my friends on the other side of the ocean, tomorrow afternoon.

mugwump said...

We have a storm coming here. Cold, wind,snow.
If its OK I'll just sit by your fire, look out the window at the beautiful fall day and maybe tuck a few sandwiches in my pocket for later.

Paul Tee said...

You'd think that after having been to your blog so many times I wouldn't have any trouble finding you, but I brought this cheap, knockoff Internet GPS Autopilot from a Bombay outfit and now I can't find anything. I key in Heidi and I end up with Shirley Temple in 1937 for Christ's sake. I spend an hour trying to shake off a bunch of Eurotrash talking about Swiss chocolates and cuckoo clocks. I bought a dozen army knifes.

Next I end up in a fashion show in Dortmund ogling at Heidi Klump strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Let me tell you, there wasn't much on her. I stayed there three hours before I could tear myself away, but I have her autograph on a wet T-shirt.

Then I'm at a book signing event with Johanna Spyri asking me how to spell my name. It's 1880 and I look and feel real out of place in my jeans and hoodie. Again we are talking Swiss chocolates.

The next thing I know I'm at a Playboy photo shoot with Heidi Montag before the lens, flexing her blond bod to get the best angle. I stayed there 3 hours before security finally caught up to me.

I keyed in "Heidi the Writer" into the GPS and ended up with Heidi Rice, a romance writer. Now I'm on her fan club reading The Tycoon's very Personal Assistant.

I tried "hick chic" and the next click brought me to your door. The party was in full swing, the valet parked my virtual car (a Porshe, of course), but the bouncer at the door grilled me if I expected this was a bush party or not.

Finally I was in. There were already hundreds of people inside, hardly any elbow room. The hostess was hiding in the barn, currycombing Phoenix and braiding the mane. Jethro had too much virtual beer and was having trouble fine tuning the hifi. But it was all good.

This morning I have a huge hangover. That virtual beer is a really kicker.

Heidi the Hick said...

ha ha, Paul you must be exhausted!! I sure hope my party stacked up against your adventure. (You do know one of those Heidis is fake as a three dollar bill, right? I'll let you guess which one!)

So uh, you still got any of that chocolate on ya?

I hear it's good for virtual hangovers.

Hey Mugwump -I hope you survive your snowstorm. I know it's coming, it always snows at least once here before halloween and we all forget that every year!

Pull up a spot beside my imaginary fire for as long as you like!

Paul Tee said...

Hey! I do NOT want to know.

I prefer to keep my illusions.

Besides who really cares? I can always exchange three dollar bills for euros. Right?

Four Dinners said...

You have made me dribble on my keyboard....

mmmmmmmmmmmm....mini cheeseburgers

Happy birthday Phoenix!!!!

A Paperback Writer said...

I had no idea you were throwing a party. Good thing I happened to drop by or I would've missed all that good food....

jules said...

Whew! Tuesday now. Somehow I got pushed under the sofa in the library. I'll be going now. Great party Heidi! Thanks for having it. Can I help clean up? Oh yeah, no calories, no cleanup! YIPPEE! Have a great week. Thanks for all the fun!