Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is what happens to horses when they start getting a dose of attention...

They start wanting more.

They hang around the corral in full view of the dining room windows. They walk up to me without even waiting to be called. They stick their heads in their halters instead of running away.

It almost makes me think they might actually like me!

Really I think it's because horses like to have something to do. They're creatures of habit, and they've gotten used to having me out there fussing with them and saddling them up or even just being there picking rocks out of the corral.

Yesterday and today I'm working inside the house. They are standing nose to tail, swishing flies off each other's faces.

I feel kinda bad about not paying attention to them, but with all the chaos in my life right now, it's good to know they're out there where I can see them. They are there when I need them.


lopinon4 said...

I'm simply green with envy that you can look out your window at your pals like that...** sigh **. Maybe someday for me. And, I have to say, I would be ticked off if my cell rang while I was contentedly watching them loaf under a tree. :) Maybe when I move to the country and bring my horse home, I'll discard my cell. And, my credit card. HA!

Coffeypot said...

I'm the same way.

Heidi the Hick said...

Lopin - I know, because I've spent the last 18 years seeing my horses on weekends and holidays. it ain't enough, it just is not. I gave up a lot just to keep horses and now I'm giving up more (as in, my own house) to be with them. Of course, the Plan is to get them and me and the kids and the husband all on the same property within the next year. Making it a reality is the challenge!

And guess what? I won't be bringing my phone with me for my horse watching time!!

Coffeypot, I had to go back and reread what I wrote to figure out what you're the same way about... oh, as in you get some attention you want more? Yep, horses, men, works the same way!! That's what Jethro tells me!

Paul Tee said...

It is nice to look out the window and not recoil from a brick wall blocking the view. To see instead, the open country side. And if you can stick couple horses in it, so much the better. Then, to have them being your horses, that's is Shangri-La.

Yep, I agree, men are much like horses. We think the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. We firmly believe in bareback ... (strike the last one). And we like to sow our oats. The wilder the better. And when in heat (July heat!) we like to roll ... in ... in the sand.

RuckusButt said...

Oh my, Paul Tee! That actually made me drop my jaw in shock. And then laugh really hard.

pseudosu said...

Not seeing horses is the only thing I miss about my new place. I have a fantasy someday maybe a wayward one will just appear and live in the woods, appearing and disappearing mysteriously like an apparition.

Hang in there hon. :)