Friday, September 25, 2009

Life under a bigger sky...

Well Hello. Haven't seen you for awhile. It's a little dodgy out here in the country with the whole internet thing. Some of you will understand. It's weird; you wouldn't think technology of all things would be such a big thing in my life, me, who likes things real low-tech and simple, and only got a cellphone... last week. And yet, in order to keep doing what we do, especially Jethro with his extremely techy recording engineer life, we have to have that connection to the world. Plus I need that connection to people. I don't get out much, y'know.

Anyways. I look out the window and I see a red barns, silos, fields, trees, all under a very big sky. It's just bigger than it was in town.

I put on my cowboy hat for the picture. I snugged up the Noob String under my neck because it was windy and I was sick of grabbing my hat before it blew off. Noob String? That's what my kids call the hat string. Y'know, because Noobs who haven't learned all the horse-show tricks yet have to tie their hats onto their heads. I prefer not to have duct tape on my forehead, sorry. Although, the stupid string makes me look like I have a chin deformation. Ach, who cares. My horse looks nice.

He got a bath that day. I hosed him down vigorously, scrubbed his mane, and washed all the grass stains off his hip and neck. I think he liked it. I swished his tail in a bucket full of horse shampoo, then after I scraped all the water off his coat, I brushed him until the sun reflected off his smooth speckled coat.
ShowSheen helps. I don't know what that stuff is made of, other than magic. I won't comb out a tail without it. LOOK at that tail. Appaloosas aren't famous for nice thick tails. He lucked out! I banded his mane to make him look all perfeshnul. Of course then for the picture I stuck his ordinary red nylon halter on his head because I don't yet have a good leather show halter. I should at least have one that shows off his head a little better. Maybe that will be next year's purchase. Maybe.

A few weekend ago, Jethro left the city, and the house in town, to have some Big Blue Sky time. And some Tractor Therapy. What a great cure for being in a recording studio all week! Some people would think this is work but oh no... just back and forth across the yard, pick up a bucket of manure, dump it on the compost pile on the other side, and back. It's a small bucket and a slow old tractor. It forces a person to slow the heck down. The manure pile stays there until it gets moved, so if it doesn't all get done in one day, there's always tomorrow. Farmers generally don't have this luxury, but here, it's not a luxury: it's just the way it's done.

Jethro loves the old 2 cylinder John Deere, but he's not a time-taking kind of guy. He wants to get it done.

Which is a good reason to have kids. Especially one who loves to work.

Bucky can drive almost anything with four wheels now. He gives his Grandma regular panic attacks. "He's driving Dad's truck? What? He can shift gears??? Oh, he can? Well... alright then... can you move my car?"

Mowing the lawn isn't a chore here. It's fun, because they get to drive a machine instead of push it.

Tribble is happier now, but she's going to see some friends from town this weekend and can hardly wait. She also gets invitations to go out with some of her new friends. She'll be okay. Bucky can never live in an urban environment again. Not enough room to go 4 wheeling.

Me? I miss my friends, and my house, and most of all, my husband. I'm shamefully and embarrassingly broke. I'm working on getting some desperately needed income. But I'm okay too, because I am so flippin busy I don't have much time to think!

And now, while my son is out with my Dad in the truck, my daughter and I have a couple horses who need some attention while the sun is shining.


Biddie said...

I am shamefully broke, too. It sucks, but luckily, we are used to living with less. I mean, our big night out is to the movies and I almost always get us in for free, thanks to some kind of pass or double coupon type thing.
I love having you closer, yet we still haven't even seen each other! Lol. We kind suck in that regard.
I am happy as heck that Tribbles is happy again. Makes me sad that she is sad, ya know?
Can you believe that it has been almost a year since I was missing my man so much??? Where does the time go?

Heidi the Hick said...

I'll have my truck soon and then I'll make the time to get over to see you. I will, I promise!!

(And then we can go shopping, says the girl beside me!)

(Also she wants to know where you get those free coupons.)

I can't worry about the income thing though, I just have to work on getting some! Then I can put gas in that truck when I get it here...

Erin Halm said...

Heidi, glad things are moving forward and everyone is getting settled in. And by the way, everyone is shamefully broke these days, so really there´s no shame in it. Half the people I know are unemployed, so...Things will get better at some point. In the meantime, enjoy the fall, the horses, the fresh air. I could go for some of that fresh air right now. You have no idea how polluted SP is.

Mari said...

Noob string? What a riot.
I think/hope you'll like Capsurz.

Anonymous said...

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