Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vicious, dangerous animal

We have invited a lethal hunter into our home. We brought her in willingly and knowingly. She is skilled, deadly accurate and nobody can defeat her. We are powerless.

I mean, she is just KILLING US here! I can hardly stand it! I feel weak! I am no match for her!

I saw her slam a fly with one jump. She held it down between her paws, worried it, and then munched it down. She is possibly one of the most acrobatic, graceful cats I've ever seen, and there have been a lot of cats in my life. I've seen her do a few moves I didn't think were possible. She might be defying physics.

Her most powerful weapon, though... is her irresistible cuteness.

Yep, I'm a goner. She's got me and she'll never let me out of her iron grip. I'm okay with that.


Brit said...

Aw . .. . gorgeous kitty!

I love it!

Heidi the Hick said...

See? She got YOU too!

JKB said...

Well I'm happy to get got too.

She's gorgeous - for a hairy kitteh!


jules said...

Yep, she got me too! I especially love the stretched-out-in-the-sun photos!

I've got a few of those deadly killers at my house too!

marsh to the fore said...

Love that kitty! One of the last photographs I swear she looks lionish! Is that a word? Should be!