Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Same breed, but totally different

My two Appaloosas look very similar out in the field.  They're both what we call "Varnish Roan Appaloosa" which means they have a majority of white hairs mixed in with chestnut coats.  They both have dark smudges on their faces.  They both have brown legs and ears, and manes and tails streaked with red, brown and white. They're both horses... that's where the similarity gets lost.

He's got spots that stand out.  If they're facing away from us, we see those spots right away, big brown spots on his rump.  The rest of his coat is speckled with brownish red, and his face is darker because his skin is more black-with-white spots than the other way around.

She appears to be mostly white, but close up the freckles across her shoulders are visible.  Her white face shows the pink skin under her fine velvety coat, with black dots on her lips and around her eyes.  

He is solid, long necked, long-legged, and moves along like he just don't care.

She's tiny.  She's pony sized.  She is that difficult combination of petite and delicate, but muscular and hard bodied. Short neck, short back, short solid legs and strong little hooves.  

Nothing upsets him.  He's not the nervous jittery type.  In two years I've never seen him spook.

She doesn't spook easily either, but if she isn't sure what's being asked of her, she'll turn herself inside out trying to get it.  Too much pressure on the reins will have her tossing her head trying to decide if she should stop, back up, or spin in circles.  She just wants to do it right but isn't sure how. 

The gelding is a DUDE.  He sticks his whole muzzle into the water trough, right up past the nostrils, and then dribbles it all over her back.  He'll stick his hooves into the trough and splash the water around. When he's tied, he usually stands with one hind leg bent, like a guy leaning on a wall.  

The mare is a Little Lady.  She drinks daintily and barely gets her lips wet.  She stands quietly as long as Boyfriend is nearby.  She has never been the boss horse, ever.

If you let him, he'll plod along until he feels like stopping.  

She moves off with the slightest cue.

They both had a rough first year, but have known nothing but good care and affection.  

I adore them.  

They have such a long way to go... neither of them is trained as far as I want and need them to be.  But that only means I must spend more time with them, figuring out what makes them tick and how to work with each of their unique personalities.  Horsonalities.  

It's barn time...


One Red Horse said...

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Trailboss said...

Your DUDE sounds just like my DUDE. What is it about boys? The other day he splashed water from the trough all over both of them. Of course it was really hot out so I guess that was pretty smart.

marsh to the fore said...

Horse Lady, I don't think there's ever any way to really know you except on the back of a horse.

Awesome post. I absolutely love how he's doing something with a leg that looks like a guy leaning against a wall.

Maybe if I neigh?

dilling said...

i want one

dilling said...
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