Friday, July 03, 2009

Can't talk. Shoveling.

I planned to invite Johnny over for a very thoughtful and interesting blog post but folks, I am JUST TOO BUSY.  I've got a whole straw mow to clean out, and it's not just full of old straw and bird s*** but also a few car parts here and there.  And some old lawnmower bodies.  Pieces of motorcycles.  An old oven.  Some camping stuff.  It's puzzling; not much of this crap is ours.  Like, this is what happens when you've got a mostly empty barn, and "buddies" who ask nicely for a place to stash their crap.  Then they disappear for oh, twelve years or so.

I'm thinking he ain't coming back for it.

That's why I've got the scrap metal trailer backed up to the barn doors.

And I'm really busy.

People are cutting hay and as soon as I can afford it I need to buy a load.  

Maybe I'll invite Johnny over to put up hay.

So I'm really busy.  Talk at ya later.  When I'm done shoveling.

What?  You don't have car parts in your straw mow?  You don't own a scrap metal trailer?

And here I thought we were normal....


dilling said...

i know it all, haven"t lived it once..does that count for anyrhing????

Paul Tee said...

Scrap iron? More junk, rusted bits and pieces? How tiring.

But ... but you have a brand new barn ... with four times the leg room. Surely place enough for the old junk to join the new junk, no?

michelle said...

In my world, it's not just "buddies" junk that tends to accumulate....lol. Although I do wish I had someone to blame it on! Great to find another App lover on here! Great site. =)

Kerri said...

I thought you were shoveling snow. After I visited Canada a bunch of fellow Americans asked if I'd gone ice fishing or seen the polar bears. Yeah, in the zoo =)

marsh to the fore said...

I can't think of anyone whose busy is more more funny and strange, but then I don't spend a lot of time in the country.

I remember a cousin of mine who lived in the country on a farm got chased by a sow. Living in the country can be interesting and tiring. He cleared a fence in one leap.

You love it, right?

It sounds like your barn was really used for dumping. You're too nice!

Kimber said...

And raccoon poo. Don't forget the taccoon poo.

Heidi the Hick said...

Those raccoons poop like rottweilers.

(Hi Kim!)