Monday, June 22, 2009

Grooming a horse isn't just for the horse's benefit.

Look at him... he loves being adored.

But I'm sure he really couldn't care less about a big dreadlock in his mane.  It doesn't interfere with his ability to eat grass, run, or boss his little Lady around.  

But it bugs me.  I like him to look all neatly groomed.  It makes me happy, both the job and the result. 

Armed with my trusty bottle of Show-sheen, I get to work on the offending clump of tangled mane hair.  I love Show-sheen.  It eases out tangles, and if any burrs dare to latch onto our horses, we can get them out with minimal loss to the long hairs.  Appaloosas are known for having sparse mane and tail hair. Keeping any long hairs from getting broken is a vain priority of mine.

I'm good at getting knots out.  Not much of a career need there but hey, I'll take any skills I can get.

That's what was stuck in his mane.  
This might make some mama bird very happy.  Free building materials!

It's uneven and slightly scraggly, but I just can't bring myself to cut it.  His mane is twice as long as his pasture-mate's.  I just can't spare any Appaloosa mane!

Could do this aaaaaaaaall day.  Love brushing my horses.  Love it.

A nicely combed out mane doesn't really improve his life.  As long as he can shake his head and chase the flies away, he's happy.  But me, I just love the feeling of standing beside him on a warm day, brushing and combing and grooming, while his eyes close and he sighs happily in his snoozing state.  Go away, bills and traffic and debts.  Go away pollution and violence and news.  I'm having my horse time.  


JKB said...

Have some for me too, please.

*wants a horse so bad she can taste it*

Patches said...

I always love a good grooming session with my ponies too. They are the best therapy EVER! I don't think I could live without Show Sheen. My horse has a 3 foot mane (seriously, I measured it!) and it's ridiculous to keep up. Would be impossible w/o Show Sheen. It works well on my crazy Aussie's long hair too!

Glad your little girl is healing up nicely! And since I've been totally MIA for a while, congrats on passing your tests! Very exciting!

Balloon Pirate said...

it does too improve his life. he's making contact with you. that's a good thing.


Sharon McMaster, BSc(H), MLT, EMT said...

Horse time is the best! Nothing better!

One Red Horse said...

Sure would rather be combing out Red's mane instead of changing the starter motor in Bessie Blue.

marsh to the fore said...

I need to try for a visual coming together with this experience of grooming. Sounds soooooooo relaxing.

I'm a horse person too, even though I never had one. I always put a picture of a horse on my blog if I can find even the smallest reason for doing it.

The Preacherman said...

I would very much like to be a horse

Heidi said...

Do you think you can use ShowSheen on little girls, too???

Animals are just great therapy. I think they exist for us more than we exist for them!

Kerri said...

It gives me an odd sense of contentment to look at those pictures.

Lavender said...

Haha, this was fun!

It's almost set up like a how-to! ...I wonder if my uncle knows about Show-sheen...