Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Happiness Muse Fun Picture Day!

I called them and they came running to me! I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

Hello, Handsome!  

This bird is my hero.

Do you see what's going on here?  DO YOU GET THIS?  It's JACK WHITE, THE EDGE AND JIMMY PAGE IN THE SAME ROOM.  I hear there's a documentary coming out which will undoubtedly explode my brain.  Boom.  

It rained a lot here this week.  It rained for one whole day.  It's okay; everything's green and blooming.  We need rain.

Johnny Depp is amazing... Apparently Jethro's taking me to see a new movie on our anniversary.  I haven't told him that yet.  

Here are the freckles on the Little Lady's shoulders.  I hear she's doing well, healing nicely, and refusing to eat her medicine-enhanced feed.  

Speaking of Jack White, he has another new band!  Without Sue Seeger I wouldn't know that- thank you Sue!!!!

I do seriously love me some Jack White and no matter what he does I will listen to it.  

Also I bought a new Iron Maiden live album.  HAAAVY.  These guys are THE HAAVIEST and they sound awesome.  I was scared to death of them twenty years ago.  Loved the music, terrified of their album covers.  I suspect them of being hardcore secret Christians, har har.  Bruce Dickinson is a commercial airline pilot.  Just... wow.


Tap forever!

Seeing as how with my new novel I'm really into bassists right now, I must share my new favourite picture of the awesome Mr Derek Smalls.  What he lacks in stature he makes up for in... awesomeness.  

Phoenix, getting a new hairdo.  My kids think it's funny to give horses emo hair.  I think I can't do anything without making a weird face...

I know how to melt his heart and make him my best buddy!  (it's not difficult; he's a big baby.)

Gotta run!  Things to do, people to see, words to write, and if I'm lucky, horse ears to rub.


dilling said...

have fun with it all!

Paul Tee said...

After your Friday Happiness, I'm singing the Sundays Blues. My wife is playing keyboard at a wedding and I'm turning the page for her. It is good to hear her play but if I hear Pachelbel's Canon one more time, I'll ... I'll ... do ... something. Grrrr...

Feeding horses, grooming them sounds especially good to me. I'm in a monkey suit, my circulation choked by a tie, and the banquet is yet hours away. But if I'm miserable, doesn't mean you should be. Have a great Sunday, all.

pseudosu said...

This post just made me plain old happy hon. Good to know you're up there spreading the awesome around. :D (btw- Dead Weather was on Conan last week. They did "hang you up from the heavens". Jack killed the drums- natch. Man, he hits 'em hard!)

Heidi the Hick said...

Sue, that's the ONLY way to hit 'em!

Paul, we had some piano time today too- kids' music recital! No monkey suits though.

Dilling, fun's what we make it, eh?