Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonderful Mother's Day gift

I went off to look at horse stuff... and when I got home, they'd cleaned up the kitchen.  They got into the corners that had me scared and defeated.  I let the whole thing get away on me, built up a huge anxiety about it, and they got in there and dealt with it.

People, they even cleaned out the fridge.  I used to be pretty good about not letting any science experiments develop in there, but it totally went wild in the last... I dunno, year?  Three months?  I'm not keeping track, I just know it got nasty.  I was very purposefully avoiding it.  They just went at it and solved the problem.  I can see through the glass shelves now.  

I really shouldn't be admitting this awful slovenliness of mine on the internet but I just want you to know how monumental it was for them to do this for me.  

Apparently there wasn't even a huge amount of complaining, considering the task.

I didn't want anything else to clutter up my house; no jewelry, clothes or make up.  Nothing like that.  They could have taken me to the bookstore or the tack shop because I'm always in NEED of more books and horse things.  BUT we're really broke these days.  I couldn't deal with the guilt.  

Cleaning the place up cost them nothing but time and effort, but it gave me so much.

On Mother's day, we ate at a restaurant (who wants to cook on Mother's day?) and we pulled weeds.  I like pulling weeds.  It was a good day.


CindyDianne said...

That is an awesome gift. You are blessed.

Whywudyabreedit said...

That is awesome! Living next door to you in capitalist nation, we sometimes forget that special occasions can mean something other that the giving of purchased gifts. It is clear that what your family did for you held more meaning for you, and it should. For the kids to put in some real work to do something for mom is much more meaningful than going to the store with dad to pick something out. And now they have been exposed to that idea, which is even better. And weeding together as a family, oh yeah, high five on that one =)

Happy belated mothers day!

marsh to the fore said...

What an absolutely perfect Mother's Day Gift!

I know all to well the story of weird things growing in refrigerators.

Heidi said...

That's a fantastic gift! You can't buy peace and contentment, or a fresh start. Your family rocks!

Biddie said...

What more could you ask for? That is the best gift ever! Anybody can buy something.
Kayla made me a way cool vase. Way cool. Oh, and they did laundry for me! Yup, and Cody vacuumed.
Mind you, I would be ok with a piece of jewelry to clutter my house up a wee bit more.
Just sayin.

Astaryth said...

This type of gift is almost always way better than anything someone could buy for you. Too Cool!

JKB said...

I think that's an excellent gift. But I know your kids are just golden.


Lynn Sinclair said...

That's so nice! Every day should be Mother's Day, don't you think? Just imagine how clean our homes would be.