Saturday, May 09, 2009


I'm reading to an audience full of people tonight.  I don't know how many.  A bunch.  It's okay - I've already done this.  I'm reading the same story I read at the Anthology book launch last November.  It's cool.  I can totally do this.  


yeah, I know it's Saturday but I got too busy to do my Friday-make-up-an-excuse to put up a Johnny picture.  

So, right then, I'll be getting ready to go read to a big room full of people.  That's how you get good at stuff.  You have to actually do it.  

Saturday night edit:  Wow!  Just wow!  I can't believe how well this evening went.  Words And Music was a success!  The music was thoroughly enjoyable and varied, all musicians from one family.  The words were so well performed, even better than at our book launch.  

I practiced my story before the concert, and got some feedback on where to pause, where to place emphasis.  It worked.  I got a few snickers after the first paragraph, and by the end I couldn't believe how many chuckles I could draw out of the audience!  Wow!  

The performer and the audience really do feed each other.  What a feeling.  Even better than that time I did a song with my kids at the their recital.  (Like way better; I'm not a singer!) 

Know what?  

At intermission I lost count of how many people came up to me to tell me how much they liked my story!  I couldn't even count!  It was amazing!  They liked it, they really liked it!  I had people I've never met patting me on the shoulder and saying, "Nice truck!"  

I couldn't thank them enough. It meant so much to me.  If you're ever at a performance you really enjoy, and get a chance to tell how much you liked it, DO!  

There were like, 80 people in that church.  No kidding.  I'm so glad I did it.  I was sure before the show I'd puke or faint but I didn't and I done good and I'm feelin' pretty darn okay right now.  Just wanted the world to know...!


Biddie said...

I'm sure that it went well. You can do this - you are good at this!
I am going to a writers group on Wednesday to see Kim, and who knows? Maybe I will be reading one of these days........
Happy Mothers Day :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh you must, must join a writers group! You of all people, you have so much to tell and you have such a special talent for it.

All you need is someone to get you there.

(Kim F?)

I'd love to see you read one of these days.

And happy Mother's day to you, too!!!

Biddie said...

SEE??! I knew that you would rock it! You were born for this!
yes, Kim F, but all I am committing to is checking it out, and seeing Kim. One step at a time! Still, it is a step forward, right???

Kerri said...

Your stories are amazing and you're so talented. I'm not surprised that so many loved it. I'm glad it went well. You're really nailing this speaking stuff. I'm in awe.

Paul Tee said...

And you looked great doing it. Your reading came across very natural and convincing. Also, you let more of your personality shine through. Well done. Was also nice to see your whole family turned out.

I think the event was a great success, with a surprisingly good turn out. Ellen and her family did a superb job and gave people their money's worth, something we couldn't have accomplished with readings alone.

My only concern was with the acoustics. We were towards the back and lost some of the sound, especially in the lower ranges. It did not affect the women readers very much, but it distorted the men's. What did Jethro think?

Heidi the Hick said...

Paul- Jethro has to keep his mouth shut! I begged him to tone down the sarcasm for my peace of mind!

Thank you for your compliments! You've been a great cheerleader for me!

Also it was nice to see your wife and meet two of your sons. They're pretty cool!

I really do think it was a success. I actually think we should do an annual event. No wait, that'd be too much planning, aahhhh!

I don't know how you do it, but you always look so relaxed and composed when you read. Good job!

Kerri, it's getting better each time. Nailing it! Whooo!

Bid, One step at a time!! I'm so freakin proud of you even if it's just one step. It's a big step. I not-so-secretly hope you keep going back. And say hi to Kim for me!

marsh to the fore said...

Boy I wish I had been there! I absolutely love your story. I'm not surprised you got that many people telling you they liked it.

Heidi, how about posting that again on the site? I'd love to pass it around.

Angela said...

Hey- this is totally off topic, but I thought maybe you could help if you're near Winnepeg... Check out fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com.

JKB said...


I knew it. Knew it. :)))))

mugwump said...

What a cool, cool thing.

Michael said...

I would love to come and see you do a reading. Well done!