Monday, January 19, 2009

Boiling brain, aaaarrrggghhh

It is REALLY NOT POSSIBLE to write/blog/take notes while crouching on a scaffold surrounded by paint trays and brushes and rollers.  

(Can't ride a horse like that either but it's so frickin cold I'll pass, thanks.)

So my brain's OUTTA CONTROL but I don't have time to get it out  GGGAAAAAAHHHHHH and I wanted to tell you about ADD and closets and how those two subjects are connected to my new book and how my imaginary friend Nikki never folds socks.  I'm thinking about what really motivates the kids in the book that approximately 50 literary agents seem to think is NOT SUITABLE FOR THEM AT THIS TIME and I'd like to change a few things in that one too but I can't cuz I have to walk THE PUG and get some groceries so my kids don't STARVE and then hitch a ride with JETHRO down to the STUDIO where I will WORK and I really feel like I gotta get going.  


Please discuss amongst yourselves.  

Also I still intend to post a special Hick Chic Kiss-my-butt-2008-buh-bye Awards post before the end of January.

What, am I still here?  Damn, I gotta go, now, STOP DISTRACTING ME.

Okay, see ya.  


pseudosu said...

Oh Heidi, hang in there.
Glad to hear characters are talking to you. The process (pub) sucks, no doubt about it. You're right-- get to work on your next brilliant project. Take another look at the one you've been querying after you get the first draft down.

(Meanwhile-- you never know. someone asked me for a full 6 months after I queried them. now they've had that for four months-- and it's been revised like 3 times since then.)

If you're like me, by then you'll have some fresh ideas for revisions-- and you'll have one more under your belt in the pipeline. You get better with each project-- you're chances go up I think.

CindyDianne said...

NO advice on the publishing front. But, does it make you feel any better that I am embarking on a painting extravaganza this week myself?

Sydney said...

Damn those literary agents!!

Woo hoo for -6 in S Ont!!
It's about -12 with the wind here. Right on good ol lake erie it an't so much fun in the winter.
I wish for spring I wish for spring.

Callie said...

LO, curious about the Buh-by stuff! Can't wait to read that!

coffeypot said...

Hey, come back. What'd you say?

Michael said...

How many agents turned down JK Rowling - was it 147? Keep plugging away!

Lynn Sinclair said...

You're a bit busy, aren't you?

Angela said...

So, when you finally get some time to goof around on the internet, I found this blog that might be interesting to you. They rant about horses and the author has some really good articles. So check it out if you want!


Anonymous said...

wish I could tell you to slow down, but that would just not be you if you weren't tearing about here there and everywhere. Me just plodding along and slowly returning!