Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm ignoring my dining room table.

It's covered in crumbs and papers from school and I'm trying not to look at it.

I'm researching agents, scratching the Pug with my right foot, and considering heading outside to gather seeds from my nice dry perennials.  

And not think about farms and real estate agents and literary agents. 

Or messy tables.  



Olly said...

Just how many notices do they need to send home from school? After a certain age, the kids should just tell you the stuff. Otherwise post it on the school website. I'm drowning in it, too.

CindyDianne said...

Just deal with that tomorrow, Scarlett.

Heidi the Hick said...

Olly, My son's school has my email address, so now --heh heh - I just delete it !!!!

Mostly I'm pissed off that they've got their hands out, while I pay taxes and am too broke to pay for all those musical instruments and fundraisers and field trips and crap.

yet I still have a mountain of paper on the table.

Cindy- Because tamorrah is anothah day!

JKB said...

I say give yourself a pedicure and braid your hair. That's at least another 45 minutes worth of procrastination.


pseudosu said...

Hey Heidi-- been over to Colleen's lately????? Some news of interest, fri type news, hint hint.

Heidi the Hick said...

jkb that is a very good idea. I so badly want to dye my hair pink again -- I really NEED it! -- but I'm saving my cash for groceries these days...

But a home pedicure doesn't cost, and I've got a handful of hair elastics!

pseudosu, you'll be back tomorrow, I'm sure!

Pat said...

Hiedi, your horses are beautiful. I loved going through your interesting blog. I'm curious about your book and I like your choice in favorite movie star! I love to write also. Always have and have started many books and short stories. Thank you for the kind words on Spencer's blog. I've met (in cyberspace) so many awesome people thru him. He is a nice boy. He just needed a chance to prove it.

Thanks again, Pat (patslark@fairpoint.net)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Go PINK! At least on the toes. :)