Friday, September 26, 2008

Happiness from the World of Movies!!

Ohboy ohboy ohboy!  Ooooo I don't even know where to start!  This is so exciting!  

All I can say is, it's a good thing I gave ol Johnny the summer off, because he's gonna be reeeally busy for a while now!

The big news:  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are teaming up for like, their 7th or 9th or 21st collaboration, to bring Alice in Wonderland to the big screen. 

Have you ever actually read the classic by Lewis Carroll?  It's trippy!  I read it when I was a kid and I did NOT get it.  At all.  Then I read it again a few years later and kinda thought maybe there was something about that mushroom... not that I'd know from personal experience, I'm just saying...

Burton has a visual style that knocks me out every time.  I always wanted to write like he visualizes.  I don't know if I'll ever achieve that goal, but watching his films will do.  It goes without saying that I have loved every movie these two cats have made together.

I mean, seriously.  The Mad Hatter?  Could it be any more perfect?  I'm so sure that Johnny picks roles simply because it looks like it'll be FUN.

And like, he's done Crazeee in a Ridiculous Hat already.

The guy digs a good hat.  And a bad hat.  He sort of is a mad hatter already.

So that's cool movie news #1.  

Next?  I've been saying for some time now, that if Johnny Depp ever does a Western (and I don't really count "The Brave" because it's so hard to find; I don't know if it ever was released outside of Europe and I only know about it from seeing it mentioned on the internet)  like a full on Western with the horses and the spurs and all that... I will fall over.  Swoon.  Break into a cold sweat of happiness.  

Hold me up, kids.  The Corporation of Walt Disney says there's gonna be a new Lone Ranger flick, and guess who's playing Tonto?

So like, the possibility of fringed leather garments is very high here.  Just sayin.

Oh but we're not done with NEWS yet, oh no.  Not one, not two, but THREE new movie projects!  Are ya ready?  Are ya?  

Got enough of this guy yet?

Yeah, this guy.  Want more?  There's going to be a 4th Pirates of the Caribbean!  

Oh and it's going to be written by Elliot and Rossio, who gave us the first three, so obviously it'll be full of all those impossible to follow plot twists that need to be explained in a voice over commentary by the writers in the special features of your DVD.  Yay!

Plus, like the others, it'll be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer!  So you know what that means!  Lots of stuff is gonna blow up!  Yeah!  Brucksplosions!
Maybe I'll finally find out what the heck this scene is all about.  I don't even remember where I found this picture.  What's goin' on here???

Capt Jack will explain it.  I probably won't understand.  


Well my head is worn out thinking of all this fun stuff, and now I must get to work.  Happy Friday!


Jethro said...

I hope they write a better script than Pirates III. I agree that without the commentary, the story just doesn't unfold clearly for mere surface-level mediatards like myself. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny... So how about the new Metallica record debate eh? The public is finally realizing that the smashed-to-death version on the retail audio CD sounds like Francis-Ford-Crapola, compared to the Guitar Hero version (which is 10dB quieter, and has actual dynamics...

BTW, I hope they get Robert Downey Jr. to play Lone Ranger...

Tribble said...




Heidi the Hick said...

Jethro- you are a GENIUS

Downer Jr and Depp in the same movie!

You do know you'd have to take me to see that. I'd even offer to pay but y'know, it's all coming out of the same black hole of debt, so whatevs.

But question: where the heck are you playing enough Guitar Hero to find the new Metallica??? I thought you and Riccardo only drank beer and listened to vinyl in the garage. What's goin' on? What am I missing?????

Tribble- omgom! We'll start lining up for the movie NOW. You'll be old enough to drive us there.

Anonymous said...

now I agree with you Johnny in a western mmmmmmmmm will be well worth waiting for.

Heidi said...

What fun! I love Johnny fridays!

I totally think he is PERFECT for the mad hatter! I will definitely go see that one. And I agree, I think he takes roles just because they look fun (and maybe a little trippy, too, eh?), and that's what makes him such a great actor and so much fun to watch!

Have a fantabulous weekend, and send out a few more queries, okay? Let's get this rock rolling!

coffeypot said...

Johnny who?

hayseed said...

It's about time someone made a film of Alice-can't wait!

Maureen McGowan said...

Brucksplosions made me LOL.

Can't wait for another Depp/Burton collaboration.

Kerri said...

I think he's really balanced his "Deppness" with wanting to act in movies his kids can see- some people just have it, and man, he's always had it.

Olly said...

Wow, finally Alice. Cool. Gotta love these Johnny Fridays!

JKB said...

Oh, Le Sigh.

I lurbs me some Johnny. Three whole movies to choose from (who am I kidding I'll see them all)

The hawtness.

pseudosu said...

I saw an interview with burton about sleepy hollow whan that one came out and he said johnny was his fav actor- "Because he looks like this (big pic of delicious depp) and he totally doesn't care if I do this to him, he actually likes it(clip of johnny being dragged through the dirt behind a coach w/ fleeing horses)."

Downey Jr anf Depp together in one movie is almost too overwhelming to contemplate... but I'll spend the rest of the day trying. (heh heh heh)

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh Johnny .. be still my heart. Mad Hatter = great character choice.

Nicole said...

Ooo, those are gonna be gud.

Can't wait to a) see each one, and b) read your commentaries.


Nicole said...

...and I am also in complete agreement with tribble.



Real Live Lesbian said...

Okay, I was going to say something clever...

then I saw all the Johnny Depp pics and my mind wandered into my fantasy bedroom.

Thanks, I'm done now! ;)

Oh yes, Alice in Wonderland with Depp? I can't wait!