Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Did I ever mention that I hated school?

Well I dunno, Heidi.  What did you hate about school?

I hated the hallways.  The lockers.  The gym.

I hated the lighting.  I hated the noise.  I hated the curtains in the windows.

I hated the smells.

I hated the homework.  I loathed and abhorred the homework.

I hated the pressure, the expectations, the unsaid assumption that I was somehow not good enough.


I liked the books.  

I liked paper and pens.

I liked to write.  I actually liked essays because I got to write.

I really loved learning.

Most of the time I liked art class.

I liked my friends.

I liked boys, and the school was full of them!

I liked my locker once I had it full of all my rock star pictures and horse pictures and funny little tag that came off a bottle of peach schnapps that one of my friends smuggled into the school but that's not something we'll talk about here... let's not do too much digging up of the past now...

So she's off.  First day of Grade 9.  She's there right now, with her long legs and British knees, dressed in three different shades of green (mint, forest, and lime) with her big eyes lined in black.  Last time I saw her she was dumping her giant purple knapsack on her desk and flipping her crazy long bangs off her cheek.

She's got math for homeroom.

I hope everything goes uphill from there.

The school's government has already pissed me off with their incompetence and stupidity.  I dutifully filled out my parent survey sheet after the assembly, including such comments as "Couldn't you find a better way to organize the registration process than to yell out names among a chattering crowd?"  as well as, "It would be helpful to hand out a readable map of the school" and let's not forget  "How about conducting tours with a teacher guide who can speak loudly and clearly while staying out of the way of three other groups, all of whom are speaking loudly."  First day and already I am a pain in the ass end of the school. 

I think I might hate high school more than she does.  And that's really okay.


CindyDianne said...

Oh, the first day of High School! How exciting and terrifying.

I hope she comes home happy and thrilled!

(There is a challenge and a giveaway over at my place today)

JKB said...

Aw mama, she is growing UP!

I hated high school too. *sniff* are you a little melancholy?

coffeypot said...

You forgot the teachers. I hated the teachers. All ego with nothing to back it up. When I graduated I knew more than they did.

Heidi said...

I think we always hope our kids have it easier than us.

Your introduction sounds more interesting that ours, where we sat in a cafeteria and listened to the principal drone on for over an hours saying the same insidious things over and over and over and .....zzzzzzzzzz.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Happy first day of high school for The Girl! What a huge step!

Anonymous said...

I loved the first 3 years of secondary (high school) school then I thought I had learned it all, if only I could go back huh!
hope the girl enjoyed her first day

Biddie said...

The first day of highschool was a momentous event, Heidi, it was when we met.
I hated math sooo much, I spent all of it writing my novel. I wonder whatever happened to it?
I can`t belive that the girls are in highschool now.

Heidi the Hick said...

Biddie, both of our little girls! You are totally out of little kid school now. Wow.

She's all pumped about it! I knew she'd like it more than grade school. Luckily she really likes her Learning strategies class, which is a special education course. It'll help. She even gets time to catch up on her homework from other classes. What a relief... plus it's full of other Attention Deficit Oh Shiny kids!

Olly said...

Yeah, I hated attending classes, too. Come to think of it, attendance was the hardest part, lol. But I've been doing my happy dance all day with the kids going back!

The Adult in Question said...

I hated high school, I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
However, I do hope that Jess has a much better time than I did.

Anita said...

Hope she's had a great week... and I hate schools now just as much as I did growing up - one more good reason I don't deal much with them anymore! :)