Friday, September 19, 2008

confused friday ramblings (NEW! Bonus addition of Pirate Speak)

1- i'm sick.  The cold got me.

2) today I'm going to inventory the barn.  More fun than it sounds. I'll wear my overalls and stuff kleenexes and cough drops in all the pockets

$) My husband's a good guy.

#- the pug took a dump on the living room floor some time during the night.  That little #$#%!!!  I am not happy with him.  I put him out in the yard to go bark at stuff.  After I swatted his butt.  Geez, he is THREE YEARS OLD he should know better it's not like I didn't let him out for one more nature call last night before bed I mean come on already geez.

5- Meet the Creature at the high school last night.  My kid is doing so much better this year and I am so relieved. She skipped down the hall, flashing her brilliant smile and looking confident that this is her place.  Wonderful.  Meanwhile I'm wondering why, in the new million dollar music room, they forked out $100 each for the plastic chairs (like, I'm in debt for half a recording studio and we ain't got to $100 chairs for the professional musicians to sit in okay?) and yet the school needs the parents to rent the musical instruments for the kids to play.  Public school?  I pay taxes?  Hello?  Hundred dollar chairs or hundred dollar instruments?  Hmmm?  Otherwise, whatevs.  Her art teacher is tall and skinny with square glasses and scruffy little goatee.  Plus a Suth Efrican eccent.  He shook my hand and darn near squeezed my knuckles together.  In a nice way.  I  like him, I hope I didn't give him my cold germs.

7) After some emotional crises over the painful process of querying agents for my novel, I'm back in.  One a day.  That's my goal.  Except on weekends, cuz I need a break.  I just had to start believing in myself all over again, and believing that this book is worth it.  I'm so blessed to have a group of writers to share this whole thing with.  (Four Corners rules!)

*) also yesterday I had my Tiny Writers over for tea.  How did I get so lucky to surround myself with such great writers????

&- AND I chaired the meeting on Monday evening for my Big writers group.  I've never chaired anything but my backside, haw haw haw.  I rocked.  I got everybody in the group, nine people, to read their writing exercise out loud.  Three years ago I had a chest pain at every meeting and it took about six months before I could read anything out loud.  

8) You know how some writers think of an actor when they write a character?  I haven't done that.  ALTHOUGH at some point, when describing one guy's father, I had a flash of inspiration.  Ol Man MacFarlane was born in Scotland, has long hair with some grey at the temples, and a long beard.  He's in his early 40s which makes him technically not an old man at all but he's got an 18 year old son who refers to him as the Ol Man.  Suddenly I was thinking of...

He's got the perfect crow's feet around his eyes now.  He could rough it all up and be a truck drivin cigrett smokin hick with the ragged leftovers of a scottish accent, a mangy old dog, and a rotten teenage son.  Totally.

&- I have not ever written a character based on my favourite actor.

Maybe he'll sneak in sometime.  

I gotta go take a nap.  

Blast it, I woke up from me nap, and here it is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY and I almost forgot t' talk like a seafarin' landlubber.  Tis on account o' me throat be sore.
Now I be shippin' out fer the low pastures instead o' the high seas.  Arrr.  Cough, cough, hack.  sniffle.  I'll not be staying home like a lily livered bilge rat!  sniffle hack hack hork.  

Ye scurvy germbag.


pseudosu said...

Ahh, another mantastic friday.
Have you been using / heard of query tracker? I finally signed-up after accidentally requerying someone. (no both times) If you pay $25 for the year, you get these extra search engines like "other agents with the same taste", and it links to all the normal data bases- query tracker, etc, and keeps track of who you hit up when etc. Slick, and feels like "something is happening". Good luck!

dilling said...

feel better quick...
ew, Pug...and ew, Brad Pitt.
Yay, Johnny.
Enjoy your barn times

Heidi said...

Arrrrr! Avast matey! Me forgot this was talk like a pirate day! I totally dig this day! Our whole family participates and it be more fun than a barrel o' rum!

I totally couldn't visualize Pitt as the Old Man, but thanks to the pictures, I now think you be right!

I don't usually do the base-a-character-on-an-actor thing either, but I have to admit lately I'm trying to conjure up some good country singer to base Travis on cause I plain just can't see him hardly!

Go have an awesome day in the barn, and I hope you be feeling better soon!!

Tod said...

I'll trade yer a dog poop clean-up with a cat widdle and a bit of a yak on the carpet...

Tribble said...


it looks weird.

hard ticket said...

hey, i got a 2 yr old that poops on the floor sometimes too me... or should i say meh...
busy girl here, misses yer blog, gets a good read in from time to time, you makes me larf!

Lynn said...

Your pirate-speak gave me a good laugh. I just got over that icky cold. Sheesh. That was bad. Get better quick!

Anita said...

I seriously don't get the Brad Pitt thing... I've said before, I wouldn't give him a second glance if I passed him on the street...

Hope you're feeling better already! :)

Lynn Sinclair said...

Congrats on ... everything! I'm so pleased your the chairing of the writer's group went well.