Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Take Your Dog to Work Day!

I didn't want to deal with A) puggy footprints after he sneaks into the paint tray, or B) that parrot-in-a-wood-chipper yelping at the back door all day when I stick him in the yard to stay out of the way. So he went to help Jethro do some editing at the studio.

Turns out, he's a natural!

Here he is, at the console, in an introspective mood.  Is this recording good enough?  Does it just need some good editing by Jethro to make it alright?  How is he going to tell the guys that they have to fire the drummer?  

Maybe he should quit the music biz and go to plumber school.

But then he hears something that's not so bad.  Maybe this can work!  Maybe, with an engineer as meticulous as Jethro, the great performances can be coaxed out of all those hard drives.

Jethro!  Play that back again!  That's it!  That's the magic!  You found the MAGIC!  

And then, with another song edited into perfection, the Puggy Producer went on with his regular GUARD DOG business, barking at every car in the parking lot, playing with his rope tug toy, and looking expectantly for... something.  Jethro said he must have been one disappointed dog to find out that that's all they do all day at the studio... just play the same song... over and over again... for twelve hours.

But tomorrow will be another song!


Biddie said...

What a great idea! He could be the ambassador for Jethro..He could do the meet and greets!
My Dad used to take Mandy to work and his customers loved her. Nothing better than a doggie when you are in a bad mood.

Heidi the Hick said...

Well you know how dogs love to have jobs, even if it's just standing in the window and barking at people who dare to walk down the street!

Jethro's assistant really liked having him there too. Both guys had to take dog breaks all day. I personally think that's very healthy!

We keep talking about getting a cat for the studio (partly to keep the mice away) but there is the allergy problem. What if we got a singer with a cat allergy? So there goes that idea.

Mandy was the sheltie, right? I always love going into a store and visiting a dog! The tack shop in town here has a resident dog. Always look forward to seeing her!

CindyDianne said...

I love take your dog to work day. I can't wait until I have my own practice and I can take Daisy with me every day.

It looks like Dobie had a good day too!

coffeypot said...

He's a natural. I bet he can really howl.

Heidi the Hick said...

He missed his people though... I think that's really why he kept looking around like something was about to happen.

He has a large range of vocal noises, including barks, yips, trills, growls, ruffs, yelps, and other noises that don't usually come out of a dog. Biddie knows.

Olly said...

Parrot in the wood chipper yelping noise? That one killed me! It's a very good description of my parents' bichon's barking. I think pets at work are a great idea. Very calming. I wonder what our customers would think if they know I was talking to them while holding a cat? He likes to hang out in the office with me all the time. Clearly believing he's the boss, just like Dobby.

JKB said...

I think pugs are hysterical. LOL!! Their snorts are awesome.

I really see a future for him as a pug producer. He could even be mentioned on a CD! Then he'd be FAMOUS!

Heidi said...

I use to teach in a school where the principal brought her dogs in every day, and she encouraged the others to do it too. The kids loved it!

I think there is something about having a dog around that says, "I work hard, but I'm not pretentious, and I know how to be laid back when I need to."

I'm a little jealous of Jethro. I'd love to have a dog and a place to take him!

Anonymous said...

the pug done good, will be watching out for his musical release