Friday, April 04, 2008

Calgary Alberta- we are here!!!!! Lookout!!!!!

Oh yes, we survived the plane ride.  Sorry, no airport photos.  We were running on about 2 or 3 hours sleep, with sandpaper eyeballs. , and I was all stuffed full of Ativan.  Okay, one pill.  But for me, that's zoomed.  Gotta tell ya, if you wanna feel like a rock star, just go through an airport, looking homeless and sleep deprived.  The full experience.

So, a few of you have expressed a need to see my hair.  It's not very dramatic, just a few little blush streaks.

Also I have dead roses growing out of my head.  And I'm blurry.  This was even before the airport excursion.

Calgary is in a very healthy construction phase.  From our room I can count EIGHT cranes.  There are new buildings going up everywhere.  Boomtown!  

Jethro's on the phone right now, arranging a date with somebody for a bite to eat.  We've got our little biznass command centre all set up here on the desk.  People, this is a niiiiice room, and if we weren't members of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, we would not be here.  That's all I'm gonna say.  No wait.  I'm gonna say more. I have to.

THIS is the bar visible from our window.  It's a JunoFest venue, and we only have to roll across the street to go home! Cool!

Doesn't it look like fun?

This is the view from our window in the other direction.  I think this is the old street.  I mean the low part.  Those would have been skyscrapers about a century ago, maybe less.  Clearly, Calgary is going onwards and upwards...!

And this, people, this is a KING SIZE BED.  I think the bed is the size of our bedroom at home.  Knowing us, he'll be sprawled and I'll be curled up under his arm.  We'll use maybe a third of that bed.  But the point is, it's there.

I gotta show you the bathroom later. They have really nice smelling soap. I think the counter might be granite. (How the heck would I know???)

We gotta go-- Jethro is STARVING.  Also he's decided that on our last day here, we're renting a set of wheels and driving out to Banff.  Specifically, he wants a Ford F-350 diesel.  Because he can.  Like, you know, in case we find some extra cash that we have to quick get rid of.  I'm actually not laughing about the cash part.

Tonight is the Juno Welcome Reception which by a great stroke of luck is in this hotel!  The invitation says "Dress- Casual Elegant."  This always puzzles me.  I know all the rock stars will be wearing nasty jeans and hoodies and lip rings.  I will be wearing:

heeled boots (sore feet from heels, sore neck from looking up at everybody... what a choice!)
hot pink long sleeved T
blue plaid flannel shirt.  Tied at front like Daisy Duke.  

I'm not kidding!  I'm gonna!

I haven't taken an anti-depressant since Wednesday night, and I feel great!   I'm not sure if this is good or bad, or just sleep deprivation fooling me.  I don't know what language I'm speaking right now.  All I know is, we gotta feed Jethro.  

More later!


Biddie said...

That hotel is SWANKY. Must see more photos, after you eat.
Hugs xxx

Olly said...

Enjoy every minute!

Olly said...

Doesn't ativan make for a wonderful plane trip? Just don't make the mistake of having an on-flight cocktail, too or Jethro will have to carry you off the plane!

CindyDianne said...

Oh Lordy. That does look like a nice hotel. I love nice hotels. I really, really love staying with my husband in nice hotel. Or by myself. I guess I just really like nice hotels.

Your hair looks fab! Excellent!

Have a grand ole time and report back in often!

dilling said...

woot woot.....

Nicole said...

OMG, Banff is HEAVEN ON EARTH. You MUST buy some sponge toffee while there, and blow a kiss to the mountains for me.

coffeypot said...

Have a good time, sweety.

katy said...

so so excited for you right now, go out and enjoy every thing!

Tod said...

Knock em dead!