Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday's Post is brought to you by Thursday.

It's also a Pick-Your-Favourite Friday. (Note: copious amounts of Johnny Depp pictures coming up...)

1) Tomorrow at this time I'll be driving to the head office of the Ontario Equestrian Federation to attend a First Aid course. It's horse industry related and a requirement for all certified riding instructors. Aren't you all glad that the person teaching you or your kid how to ride knows what to do in an emergency? Personally, I'd prefer to never have to use that knowledge. I'd love it if nobody ever got hurt. But that's a pretty stupid way to run a business, eh? " Geez, I hope nothin bad happens!!!" Nuh uh, I'm gonna be ready for anything, totally, for sure!

2) I'm tired today because even though I was in bed at 10:30 last night, I foolishly took my workbook to bed with me, and ended up writing a whole new query for my book. It's a completely different angle. No more pussy-footin around here. I read it to Jethro over the phone before he left work. He said it was SCARY. A year ago, I would have totally backed off and unscarified it but you know what? Life is scary dude. Always has been. And my book has just that little bit of scary too, in its own way.

3) The Oscars are on Sunday night! Oh boy, 4+ hours of grandness and uncomfortable beautiful clothes, and some ugly ones if we're lucky, and oh the speeches and the tears, the tributes, the montages because every story's told better with a montage, not to mention the tense possibility of a monumentally embarrassing moment... oh joy. It's the pinnacle of Awards Show Season... other than the Juno awards... and speaking of which...

4) I have decided what I'm wearing to the Juno awards and I don't think I'll need to buy any new clothes. I really should spend some money on my hair this year though. (And I mean it when I say this year- it's been 11 months since my last haircut, cuz dude, I am low maintenance.)

5) And the big importance of Oscar this year: Johnny Depp is up for Best Actor.

This opens all kinds of burning questions, SUCH AS

-will he show up? He's usually gentlemanly enough to show up although he looks like he's burning alive with discomfort, like he'd rather be anywhere but there, but at least he got to dress up and that's fun, so it's slightly bearable.

-will he show up wearing something completely different from everyone else? (duh.)

-glasses? mustache? Haircut as a result of a whole bottle of wine and then a suggestion that maybe Vanessa should give him a haircut before the big show? not that there's anything wrong with that? combination of all those?

-will Vanessa be dressed like a flapper/ angel/ hippy? I hope so!

Will she clasp his left hand and speak to him only with her eyes??? Aren't they lovely? I mean, that is a lot of cheekbones in one family.

-If he wins, will he carry a little list of thank-yous written on a piece of the cardboard that was stuffed in the collar of the shirt he just bought earlier that day?

Needless to say, I will be tired again on Monday morning. Monday's post might be brought to you by Tuesday. But until then, please discuss your favourite topic:

!) riding instructors with first aid knowledge- it's good

@) who needs sleep when you just wrote a scary query letter about Jesus and Death and Farmers and Guns N Roses

#) Oscar is boring/ fascinating

$) Should I dye my hair pink to match my tie-dyed dress

%) Johnny Depp for Intergalactic President. I mean, Best Actor. But only if he wants it.

Okay now- get busy, catch ya later.


Anita said...

I LOVE it when Johnny and Vanessa show up! The other people at the Oscars should be HALF as inventive in their wardrobe!

I love you hair pink, too... And it's been 2 YEARS since I had a cut! (Other than a disasterous trim I did myself in a fit of desperate insanity)

... and we can always sleep when we get old! :)

Be safe... Have a great weekend!

Heidi the Hick said...

I am seriously thinking of just getting out the scissors, and pulling my hair over one shoulder and just hacking a few millimetres off.

But I'm afraid I won't stop!!!!!! wahahahahaaaaahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lookitmenow!!!!!!!!

As for wardrobe choices... well Jethro's not all that inventive. He'll either wear his black shirt or his black shirt. I suggested maybe we change it up and try a nice dark brown but he was kinda leery of the whole thing. We'll seeeee.....

Olly said...

Strange how most guys won't stray from their usual look. Mine's the same.

dilling said...

Oscar is boring(haven't seen one of those movies) but I flip back and forth to see certain things(and because nothing else will be on that night now)...I try to catch the in memory clip(is that morbid?)(maybe that is the fascinating part?) cuz it's about the only time you find out character actors are gone...this year Miyoshi Umeki(Mrs. Livingston) will be up there on that screen. At least, I hope they remember her...this bit being highly overwhelmed by someone young and tragic lost this year, I hope they remember all the little guys and gals who filled in all the cracks in the story lines.
I am morbid, eh?

Bunny said...

You rock the pink hair!! just don't forget pix!!

JKB said...

You know, I think we should somehow figure out how to put up a secret password and post our query letters. I would love to read yours. ;)

PINK HAIR! Next month I'm getting black with navy blue bangs. Seriously punk. It's going to scare my husband to death.

I don't care what the Deppster wears, he will be different, unique and wonderful. He has the vote of myself and all my ovary eggs. ;)

The Adult in Question said...

Sweeny Todd was great but I don't get the Johnny Depp fascination. Sorry.

Heidi the Hick said...

Don't worry KC, your sister and I can carry that for ya!

Jkb, I Know! I'm terrified of posting this query before Those In Charge get a look at it. I don't want to jinx it! I'll probably let a few people in my writers group check it out...after I swear them to secrecy...

Also your hair is going to look great, and I'll vote for Johnny even if all he does from here on in is televised readings of the phone book.

Bunny, there will be pictures. Oh yes.

Dilling, I don't think that's morbid at all! I'm like that too. Sometimes that's all we get to see of the less famous actors, and they deserve a tribute too.

Olly, it is a dude thing, isn't it? Oh well, he likes being the man in black!

coffeypot said...

Why do you have to go all the way to Ontario for a first aide class to learn how to dial 911 on your cell? And if you took a vibrator to bed with your instead of your notepad, you would have a great nights sleep and wake up in a better mood. And who is Oscar and what does he have to do with Johnny? Are they an item now? And your hair will look good now matter what you do with it because it sets off the beauty stacked under it. And finally, Johnny who?

Trailboss said...

I wanna go! I just love horses, have 2 myself.

captain corky said...

I hope he gets it this year! He's an amzaing actor. I'm not in love with him like you are, I'm in love with Myself, and Kirk, but you know that already. ;)

Balloon Pirate said...

I think you should do a Sweeney Todd with your hair. Same length, with a bit of a wave, brushed up and back.

This will mean you will have to dye part of your hair black, and bleach part of it white.

But after you bleach it white, you should then dye that part pink.

Hell, if you're gonna do it, do it big. You don't need to buy clothes, so spend on the 'do.

Other suggestion: go Jack Sparrow. Not the full costume (certainly not the facial hair and teeth), but enough to moisten some cotton fibers on some of the ladies' undergarments.

Assuming there's any worn.

You're welcome.


Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, Pirate, cuz you know the chicks just totally dig me when I dress up like a dirty pirate. Works every time, don't it?

But ya know, that's a good idea. Better than the Amywinehousesque Towering Beehive!

So we're looking at a Sweeney Sparrow kind of vibe for me. Hmmmm....... might be difficult to get past my husband. Let me work on that....

Cap't C- if you aren't eligible then he should definitely get it!!

Trailboss- hello, I like your nickname!

Coffeypot, you might not believe this, but it's true: I do not own a cell phone. Or anything else that vibrates.

My beauty is stacked???? REally???? Wow! (blush, thanks)

And as for your question: This Johnny person is my fraternal twin, born 8 years before me. I know, it's tragic, isn't it!

Balloon Pirate said...

ahhh...no. sort of an either/or proposition. i would say far easier to get jethro's approval that way.

personally, i'd like to see the sweeney. you've already done the pirate, and i really think it would work on you.


Heidi the Hick said...

I'm thinking seriously of finding some little pink glass beads to braid into my hair, to go with my skulls dress!

But the Sweeney hair...

That would be wicked cool.

Also I wouldn't have to go full on and rig up a little beard thing. Hahahaha!

Heidi the Hick said...

Is it weird that I'm female and the style icon I most want to emulate is a DUDE????


I too love Mr Depp but in a manly way I hasten to add.

More talent in his little finger than any so called big stars.

He deserves it for sure!