Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Patry Francis: Let's give an author a helping hand!

I have not met Patry Francis, and haven't yet read her book, THE LIAR'S DIARY but I have read her blog, Simply Wait, often enough to know that she's an interesting, insightful lady, and a fine writer.

THE LIAR'S DIARY is out in paperback today. Last fall she was diagnosed with cancer. Evil, evil disease. She has taken some time off to be treated and recover. From what I hear, she is doing quite well, but won't be doing the promotion tour that I hear authors need to do when their books come out.

To get the whole story, please go to LitPark and read Susan Henderson's excellent post.

Please go read what my blogbuddy Therese Fowler has to say today! I couldn't say it better myself.

You know how I wrote about fear yesterday? Imagine putting all that work into your manuscript... realizing your dream... the book is out.... and then this.

You know what? Bad things don't care who they happen to.

But we can turn things around.

I know this is one book that will end up on my To Be Read Shelf very soon.

Well, I'm off for a day of dog walking and editing. It's going to be good.



First time I've been first.
Red letter day!

Jeez. Write a book get cancer.

Caz'll say a prayer - she's good at that stuff. A best seller on top'll be good.

Hope she pops out the other end ok.

Life can be a real bitch eh?

Heidi the Hick said...

Yep. You never know who's going to be next.

JKB said...

Poor woman. I'm ordering it from Amazon and gonna post on my blog to the exact two people that read it. ;)

But at least I'm trying to help.